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Charlie Dunbar Broad

Born: 12/30/1887   Died: 3/11/1971

Electronic Texts

The results of your search for this category are:

Arguments for the Existence of God C.D. Broad 
Berkeley's Argument About Material Substance (1942) C. D. BroadHist-Analytic.org
Berkeley's Denial of Material Substance C.D. Broad 
Emotion and Sentiment C.D. Broad 
Examination of McTaggart's Philosophy C.D. Broad 
Five Types of Ethical Theory C.D. Broad 
Hume's Doctrine of Space C. D. BroadHist-Analytic.org
Is 'Goodness' a Name of a Simple Non-Natural Quality? C.D. Broad 
Leibniz's Predicate-in-Notion Principle and Some of its Alleged Consequences C.D. Broad 
Mind and its Place in Nature, The C.D. Broad 
Philosophy C.D. Broad 
Philosophy of Francis Bacon, The C.D. Broad 
Present Relations of Science and Religion, The C.D. Broad 
Professor Marc-Wogau's Theorie der Sinnesdata C.D. Broad 
Reality C.D. Broad 
Relevance of Psychical Research to Philosophy, The C.D. Broad 
Scientific Thought C.D. Broad 
Sense Perception and Matter (chapter IV of The Mind and Its Place in Nature, 1925) C.D. BroadHist-Analytic.org
Some of the Main Problems of Ethics C.D. Broad 
The Unity of the Mind (chapter XIII of The Mind and Its Place in Nature, 1925) C.D. BroadHist-Analytic.org
Validity of Belief in a Personal God, The C.D. Broad 

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