Sword 20 cruise missiles loaded on to H 6M bombers 300x207 Sword  20 cruise missiles loaded on to H 6M bombersLONDON December 9 news: According to china-defense-mashup and Pakistan defense website on the 7th reported that China’s National Day military parade on the debut of the “sword -10″ land-based cruise missiles, air-launched version of “sword -20 “, has been deployed to its H-6 bombers.

Reported that the “sword -20″ air-launched cruise missiles mounted version of the H-6 bombers image has appeared on the network, and in the well-known military sites and forums between the reproduced. As the basis of its research and development, “sword -10″ is China’s famous “killer” weapons system, and has become China’s National Day military parade on the sixties star.

Speculation, CJ-10 The main technical parameters are as follows: a range of more than 1,500 kilometers, accurate rate of less than 10 meters, operational speed of 1.5 – 2.5 Mach, warhead 500 kg. CJ-10′s superior penetration ability and high accuracy precision strike capability makes our progress with the milestone! This type of cruise missiles with ranges beyond 1,500 kilometers. According to foreign media analysis, China has deployed at least 200 CJ-10 cruise missiles.

Report pointed out that “sword -20″ air-launched cruise missiles from the H-6H, or H-6M bombers carrying. H-6H, or H-6M bombers in Russia an upgraded version of Figure -16, which constitute the main force of the PLA’s air strike force. H-6H, or H-6M bombers carrying at least 4 “long sword -20″ missiles, and advanced H-6K bomber can carry six missiles, which the Chinese have from the interior air space to launch a Strategic Air Force Base in Guam attacks.

It is believed that, “sword -20″ cruise missile with the specifications and performance with the “sword -10″ very close. However, it is not certain whether the Chinese adaptation of such missiles, intended to improve the performance of its stealth. In the past, the PLA Air Force once owned, such as KD-63, KD-88 as well as the Russian KH-59 missile and other campaign-level precision can be achieved in combating weapons. Column filled with the forthcoming “sword -20″ means that the PLA Air Force will be with strategic bombing capability of air power.

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