6 years old kid analyzes Iranian football league


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awful, this kid is going nowhere... now he is a kid so it's "cute" for some people, and kids are smart they go ahead with the acting. But when he is older and used to behaving like this, not recognizing athorithy, thinking he should know all he will be a menance to the ones that are close to him. His poor future girlfriend/wife.

(And he is certainly not much smarter that average, i work with children and kids his age have a stunning memory if you work with it. They are great in copying whatever is said around them. I know a 6 year old that knows the whole solar system and all dinosaurs and can say all country's+capital on the map)

Made by Setare , 414 day(s) ago .

Ey val baba ali daei ro bezaran kenareh in pesareh yek zareh yad begireh ta inghadr manam manam nakoneh.

Made by ashkan , 524 day(s) ago .

Joujou talaaei!!!
kheyli baa namak va zebro zerzngui!!! man yek pessare 9 saleh daram hamintor khoreh football hast vali to ye chize diguei...

shado khorram baashi

Made by lili , 541 day(s) ago .

Cool boy... :)

Made by Toofan , 549 day(s) ago .

Dear Mohammad Parsa
Loved to watch you dear ...I see great days for your future ...god bless you

Made by ShahrzadSshah , 555 day(s) ago .

you are so adorable and clever I loved every bit of thid video and congratulate your parents. they are lucky to have a son like you. I am going to be a member of your fan club and one day come to England to see the Manchester United so I can meet you.
good luck with your future.xxx

Made by nahid allaway , 560 day(s) ago .

luv u fesgheli!:***

Made by , 563 day(s) ago .

Afarin Afarin Afarin ... be in pesar irani bahoosh ma hame inja devaneh shoodim ke chtoor in bacheh ingadar bahoosh hast afarin.


Made by natalie , 565 day(s) ago .

Afarin bar in pesar
kalam e be andaze ye kafi por ghodrati baraye meghyas e hoosh o andishe ye ishan peyda nemikonam
be omid e roozi ke hame ye bache ha azad o moraffah bashand va hame ghadr e anha ra bedanand

Made by Shahrokh , 566 day(s) ago .

ghadre in nabegheha ro bayad doonetst.na faghat be onvane show man azashoon estefade kard.

GOd bless him

Made by ali , 566 day(s) ago .

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