About Us
Livingston International is a leading North American provider of customs brokerage, transportation and integrated logistics services. Our services combine the expertise of highly specialized professionals with the advances of innovative technology and electronic networks.
Our brands delineate distinctly the services we offer into six business lines, under a single, clear visual identity. 
    Livingston’s core competency, and key competitive advantage, is customs brokerage and customs compliance. This is our strength – and the area where we add value that is increasingly important to clients, as the regulatory and security environment grows more complex.
Our expertise helps clients navigate through this intricate framework quickly and efficiently. We give them the peace of mind that, if they are subject to a government compliance audit, they will be prepared and have our support throughout the process.
    As we handle customs requirements for clients, we are also very well positioned to help them with their transportation and logistics arrangements. This simplifies things for our clients. We can deliver the services that are vital to them in a way that is timely, seamless and cost-effective.
    For North American companies doing business globally, this integrated capability provides them with one-stop solutions to complex needs.

Customs Brokerage
North America’s most innovative and knowledgeable customs broker.
Livingston offers a full suite of advanced technology solutions to help clients manage their imports and compliance.

One of the largest and the most focused customs consulting practice in North America.
Livingston’s customs, legal and financial experts help companies implement compliance programs, meet audit requirements, recover duties and taxes and manage border security.

Integrated Logistics
Delivering strategic integrated logistics solutions.
Livingston rethinks and reinvents supply chains to reduce costs by minimizing inventory, streamlining order fulfillment and optimizing distribution.

Moving freight seamlessly within North America and around the world.
Livingston arranges efficient transportation by air, sea, rail, truck or intermodal, from point of origin through to final destination.

Event Logistics
Bringing personalized high-touch services to conventions, trade shows and other special events.
Livingston arranges specialized transportation and customs clearance services for time-sensitive materials.

Managed Services
Delivering business process expertise so companies can focus on their core competencies. Livingston brings efficiencies by designing and delivering program management, information management and contact centre services.