2005 Spirit of Christ Award

May 1, 2005

Dear fellow member of the Missouri Synod,

The reason for this correspondence is the Christian witness of Concordia University, River Forest, the Northern Illinois District, and the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod will be degraded–if we don’t act. Sunday, April 24, I read the May edition of the Northern Light, which announced that a prominent, hard working, and successful ELCA lay women, Dr. Mary Nelson PhD, who helped found, and now heads, Bethel New Life in Chicago was to be honored at the graduation ceremony of Concordia University, River Forest, May 7, 2005.

Dr. Mary Nelson publicly joined the Lutheran Network for Inclusive Vision, www.inclusivenet.com. The purpose of the Network is to gather Lutheran leaders together on a public roster, to demonstrate the strength of their commitment to the Gay Agenda, and to work in alliance with other groups as Gay Advocates. They advocate gay marriage within the church and society, and the ordination of sexual active gay and lesbian clergy within the ELCA.

The Network website states on the first page that they are attacking the 2000 year old position of the Christian Church. “We acknowledge that our church has, on the basis of scriptural interpretation, condemned all sexual activity outside of heterosexual marriage.”

On the Network website, click Resources, then at the top of that page, click Roster. You will find Mary Nelson of this roster of about 900 clergy and several hundred lay people. She is listed as in Synod 5A, which is the Metro Chicago Synod ELCA.

Concordia University plans to grant her the Spiritus Christi Medallion Saturday May7! If this award is granted, The Missouri Synod will be playing the hypocrite. We will be telling the always watching world(which we are to be Ablaze to convert to Christ) that public support of the Gay Agenda is only a minor matter, public organizational success is what really counts! In addition, we will be telling those ELCA pastors and lay people, who are fighting every day to uphold God’s Word on this issue that we care little about their efforts. Finally, we will be telling our Lord that His suffering for the sins of all who are sexual active outside of Marriage, was unnecessary.

Dr. Mary Nelson, who I meet, is a very straight-forward pleasant women. The problem is not her–it is us. This is the fourth person on the roster of the Lutheran Network to be given honor in the Northern Illinois District. In 1998 Rev. Thomas Strieter, was colloquied into the LC-MS. He did not accept a call after I sent a letter documenting his Gay Advocacy and copied the late President Barry. (The first recipient of this email will be President Kieschnick.) Since 2001, the Northern Illinois District has spent well over $100,000 utilizing a group that labels itself Crossroads Ministry to “train antiracism” teams. The co-founder of this group, Joseph Barndt, and the current co-director Charles Ruehle are ELCA clergymen. Barndt and Ruehle were on the 1992 Network roster. Ruehle is on the current roster of the Network.

You can review these events at the 1st Commandment Project www.1stcommndment.org

Please pray for our Lord’s guidance. We need to contact the Board of Regents which meets Friday morning, May 6. These awards have been planned for a year. Dr. John Johnson, who was installed as President in February, did not know the names of those to be honored until recently. Please address your concerns to President Ameiss who is the chairmen of the Regents. His address is bill.ameiss@ni.lcms.org (former).

I would be interested in any correspondence and response you have regarding this issue. You can reach me through the 1st Commandment website.

Yours in Christ,

Dan Ford

Lay member

St. John’s Lutheran Church

Wheaton, Illinois


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