Need for Action

Dear Pastor, or, rostered Church Leader,

I am writing this letter at the last minute. I believe an event October 2nd- 4th  requires your immediate action.

On those dates, Wheatridge Ministry, an official Missouri Synod Recognized Service Organization, whose activities are currently featured on the Synodical website, is sponsoring  a National Symposium on health and hope, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

One speaker at this event is Rev. Chuck Ruehle, whose section is titled, The Church and Race. Rev. Ruehle is a long time member of  The Network for Inclusive Vision, and currently serves on its Board of Directors.

The Network’s sole purpose is to advocate for homosexual clergy and homosexual marriage in the Lutheran Church, i.e. the gay agenda.

I am sure you will agree with me that Ruehle’s advocacy is a blasphemy against Our Lord and Savior, and his being invited by a LCMS RSO is an attack on Christ’s Ministry, in our midst.

I am praying that many of you will speak out against this very public action and warn innocent persons involved to not honor a false teacher.

This weekend, when I spoke to a member of our Synod concerning Ruehle’s activities, she thanked me for the information.

Please accept my thanks for your help in this good cause.
Dan Ford
Laymen St. John’s Lutheran Church, Wheaton Illinois
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