NID Resolution 2-01

Dear Pastor, or, rostered Church Leader,

The purpose of resolution 2-01 is to praise God for the “dedicated effort” of the Church bureaucrats of the NID Task Force “One Lord…” created in 2000. Their task is” to assist congregations of the NID in bring the rich resources of the Gospel to all”.

What the NID bureaucrats began in 2000 was a “fool’s errand”. They invited into our Church, ELCA leaders who mocked God, defined all whites as racist, and promoted the Gay agenda.  They spent well over a hundred thousand dollars in promoting this group as “trainers” in our District and Concordia University Chicago.

Resolution 2-01 ends with a call for “repenting of any and all failures on our part.”

Let our NID district instead, begin by repenting of our sin of hiring such false teachers and giving credence to their blasphemies.

Yours in Christ,
Dan Ford

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