Letter from Dan Ford to President Kieschnick and The Council of Presidents

Dear President Kieschnick and The Council of Presidents:
My letter concerns an attack on the reputation of the innocent victims murdered on 9-11-01. The victims were defamed by Crossroads Ministry, an organization funded, in part, by the Northern Illinois District and Wheatridge Ministries.

But, let me first begin by thanking President Kieschnick for his reply of July 28, 2004, which is enclosed. My May 28, 2004 communication to the Praesidium made a prima facie case that the Northern Illinois District and Wheatridge Ministry had each spent over $100,000 funding Crossroads Ministry and/or teams they were training. Crossroad’s leaders, had chosen to roster themselves as ELCA gay agenda advocates both in 1993 and 2004. President Kieschnick’s response said he was waiting for replies from NID President William Ameiss and Wheatridge President Richard Bimler.

May I ask, that you also get a response from 1st Vice President William Diekelman, who is the chairmen of the Board of Directors of Wheatridge Ministry.

I also ask that the public rosters I mailed the Praesidium listing approximately 900 clergy in the ELCA and hundreds of congregations and institutions that have self designated themselves as gay-agenda advocates be distributed to the Council of Presidents. This could prevent the reoccurrence of a situation like that of ELCA minister, Thomas Strieter, who publicly rostered himself, and his congregation, as gay-agenda advocates in the early 1990s and then presented himself for colloquy into the LCMS in 1997. He was successful, until I meet with President Ameiss in1998, and made clear I would publicize Strieter’s public record. (The Large Catechism, the Eighth Commandment, section 284)

At the 2004 Synodical Convention, we passed 8-03, which said in part, “The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod faced significant challenges regarding our ministry response to those needs resulting from the tragic events of 9/11”. A significant challenge remains. I am asking the Council of President to speak up publicly against an ELCA teacher who was teaching within the LCMS, and who defamed the 3000 innocent victims murdered on 9-11-2001. Such defamations are a serious violation of the Eighth Commandment and should not be tolerated , funded, or supported, by any members of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

I am enclosing five items:

  • A letter to the 2001 Synodical delegates. It quotes Crossroad’s founder, Joe Barndt’s book Dismantling Racism which mocks God deliverance of Israel from Egypt. He goes on to assert that all Whites are racists, and only Whites are racist, because they have power; and, that People of Color (POC) can not be racists, because they lack power.
  • Two pages from the training manual Joe Barndt used to spread Crossroads theological sewage in the North Illinois District.
  • A Report on Crossroads and Wheatridge Ministries.
  • The reflections of Crossroad’s founder Joe Barndt on the attack on 9-11-01. He shifts the guilt of the murderers onto the victims.

Please read carefully Brandt’s “new wake-up call for the people of the United States”.

  • The attacks of 9-11-01 were a result of centuries-long racial oppression.
  • This tragedy is the latest of many tragedies.
  • Barndt then lists the “oppression” victims. They are only People of Color (POC)

The deaths of the majority of 3000 innocents murdered that day–though tragic–do not count in Barndt’s list of victims. They were guilty of being of the wrong race –White– and of being in the wrong situation– having power–and thus guilty of causing “oppression” of the true victims–People of Color. Crossroad’s analysis, as one Professor said, is the false religion of Marxism applied to Race.

This man has spent his entire career developing his theories, writing three books, and, in 1986, with his wife, founding Crossroad Ministry where he was executive director until 2002 and has continued as a Crossroad’s trainer. His theories have blinded him to what everyone else can see.

The attacks of 9-11-01 were solely the result of religious fanatics. Religious fascists carried out the most successful military attack in American history, with the lose of only 19 perpetrators. This same fanaticism resulted in the murder of over hundred and fifty school children in Russia last month.

According to a report sent to the Northern Illinois District Board of Directors in April, 2004, Crossroads has trained three teams of over 34 individuals, two district teams and one team for Concordia University, River Forest. A request was made for more Crossroad’s training, and that more teams be organized. “The promotion of the Anti-Racism project” with “congregations, District, and Synodical officials” is one of the five year goals established.

My hope and prayer is that I will be able to report that the Leadership of the LCMS refused to be silent and spoke up for the innocent victims of 9-11-01 and rebuke this public sin that has occurred within the LCMS.

Yours in Christ,
Dan Ford

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