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Why do people say Gettin drunk is FUN?

I don’t get that. Why though. I want you to explain. I will give something to think about, instead of going through what you do.

I just want an honest answer, don’t even bother to put your opinion for a stupid one, don’t put… Just cause of adrenaline… I don’t know who says that, but I guess somebody might say that, it is a big world out there… it is to control your emotions… I don’t know about that but, that is a stupid one too, I guess. So please, I just want to know why you or why people say Getting drunk is fun, and having a good time… No because it’s to meet people. You don’t have to get drunk to meet new people, you can do that on your own free time… Beer is not the healthiest choice, that is one of a fact I know.

  • Because

    I enjoy the way it makes me feel.

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  • perception

    Drinking is fun because its a shift in perception, you go your whole life thinking one varried way and acting upon what you think, drinking is so abnormal to what your use to, to that perception your use to, its escape, its no shame, its forgetting, its chemicals, but thats all within how drastically your mind and mental intake changes from drinking

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  • inhibitions

    BEING drunk is fun- you get to do stupid and crazy thhings you probably wouldn’t do sober, because common-sense and inhibitions gets in the way.

    The morning AFTER can be less fun- if you do something you regret.

    I find that alcohol relxes me- I’m less self-conscious, so can have fun without worrying about little things, like looking good at all times, or if I look like a fool when I dance.

    I’ve done a few stupid things when drunk- most of which I don’t really regret- just put them down to experience.

    I try not to get too drunk nowadays. Partly because I don’t want to do anything overly stupid and partly for other reasons.

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    being drunk is very over rated. yes i have been drunk and i don’t discourage drinking (if your of age) people use being drunk as a cover because they are AFRAID to act how they want. Don’t deny it cuz ya just wrote it! ” I can talk to people, that I can (if enough alcohol is imbibed) dance without caring what people think.” it is used as a front, people abuse how it makes others see them.

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  • because

    Its a way to forget their problems. It fixes the situation temperately. But what they don’t know is that when the drunkness wears off the problem will still be there. Its like that with drugs too. It doesn’t fix ANYTHING. I guess most kids think that it is “cool” in which its not. If they start drinking now, it will be something that will be in their life forever probably. Drinking has no point, social drinking, or drinking to get drunk. Its pointless.

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  • Drinking is fun.

    For me there are nights when nothing could be better than sitting around with good friends, listening to music, and drinking a few beers. We all know our limits, and once we get our buzz we slow down and just enjoy each other's company. You don't have to get smashed to have a good time, but getting a nice buzz is awesome. I've never been so drunk that I've done something I regret or gotten sick. I've had a hangover once and that was mainly because we were camping and my sinuses were going crazy and it was freezing cold, all I had was the headache from hell.

    There's nothing wrong with drinking (as with any drug) as long as you aren't using it to escape your problems or going past your limits. I make it a point not to drink if I'm upset.

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  • Beer Good

    Getting drunk, for me is not in itself fun. What is fun about being drunk is the fact that I can talk to people, that I can (if enough alcohol is imbibed) dance without caring what people think.

    I would say that I’m drunk now, and it’s been a while since I was drunk on my own… it’s not fun in the strictist of senses, but it is relaxing. This is the first night in a long while that I’ve had to myself, I don’t have an essay due in the next day and I’m not having to talk to people and interact with them – so I would have at one point said that it was pointless for me to be drunk right now. But the thing is I do like it. I can look forward to that buzz, knowing that at my age and with my intake it won’t feel bad in the morning.

    I very very rarely get ill from drink, I’ve thrown up once the morning after drinking and twice I think the night of drinking. All three times I drank because of nerves. I don’t get stupid when drinking for fun, because I know my limit. And drinking can be fun when you know your limit because it reduces the self consciousness that can be for some people debilitating.

    I do however wish that I could afford beer- it would cost me over �5 to get this drunk on beer, so far I’d estimate that it’s cost me around �2 to get this drunk on vodka. I’ve never, ever thrown up after drinking beer – and while some people say my “tubbiness” is due to the beer I drink, I don’t mind that. It’s good for my heart in the quantities I drink and it’s better for me than what I’m drinking this moment.

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    1.) People are stupid. 2.) It is kind of fun, when you do hilarious shit... which brings me to my 3rd point. 3.) Peer pressure. Because the conformity says it is. Also, when you are drunk, you do stupid shit, people laugh, and you feel good because they're laughing. It makes you feel accepted. That is until you get behind the wheel, run over three young children and are suddenly in jail getting ass-raped.

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  • Because...

    Everyone believes it is the fun thing to do. Every person I talk to will always come up with the same response, because they like how they feel. If loosing control over yourself is fun, count me out. Besides you can achieve these effects without chemical aid. Lastly, I believe that being drunk somehow excludes you from rules and social norms, for instance if you got drunk a boinked someone, well you were drunk…it wasnt really you…right?

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  • Loss of self control

    I had the pleasure of reading everyones responses. I think one of the most prevalent common threads running through the responses was that drinking was a chemical method of removing inhibitions. Inhibitions are one of your means of self-control. In effect what people have been saying is that they lack the self control to control their inhibitions. my parting question then would be: just imagine how pleasurable to oneself to remove ones inhibitions without the need for chemicals?

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  • The thought differs from the act.

    I, too dislike the idea of not being in control, which is why I often say ‘no’ to alcohol. But those two, maybe three, times a year that I do get druk, I always have the time of my life… to be honest I have no idea what appeals to us when it comes to alcohol. I have experienced time going faster and my mind needing less to feel good.

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  • Why?

    Because everyone tells them it is. Why do some people think sadomasochism is fun? I can’t understand that one either.

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  • easy option to fill in time = lazy. BUT socially productive for younger

    it is the easy option for people to let loose, it removes some of their responsibilities, but i think it is also the lazy option because people seem to miss out on so much when they're drunk. however, i've only been tipsy (and ive been legal for 6 years now) because i get enough (as in alot of enjoyment) out of life without losing inhibitions and without dampening brain cells. i see what others are missing though - utilising your time rather than trying to 'fill in' time. helps people socially grow though, through bonding and stuff, so im not against it when you're young/legal. maybe you should just be able to get over it and find something more personally interesting??

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  • people change

    Drinking for me is always done within a group of people, never done alone. When I drink with other people, we begin to have different personalities than we normally would. And seeing some of your friends acting drunk, is just funny. You'd have to see it to believe it, but it is entertaining. Some people just become loud and obnoxious, and others just crack out some of the best jokes I've ever heard. Your friends aren't the same people when sober as they are when they are drunk. That is why I have drank in the past.

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  • beer

    to escape from a snese of alienation

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  • easy...

    people think getting drunk is fun because it breaks the rules (if you are under age) and gives you a rush, it sends you back to a person who has no cares and just does what they want when they want…no worries no cares no stress anymore. i personally think getting drunk to the point of passing out is dumb but getting drunk itself (if you can control it) is not too bad.


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  • Well...

    It always depends on the mood you are in! If you are happy and with good friends and stuff...Then it is fun becouse, your brain gets slower and ur feeling happier at the same time. Then everything feels like bliss! If you are feeling depressed, you just sink further in the black hole of nothing! ^^

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  • fun?

    I think it has to do with the fact that it takes you out of your shell so to speak. For example, I went to an artist party a couple days ago, and when I walked in there, everyone was so shy and uncomforable. After a few drinks, everyone was talking. It's an odd phenomenon. It loosens people up. Its relaxing many times as well. Not sure I would say that getting "drunk" is fun. Having a few drinks is fun, when it gets out of control, its just an hassle.

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  • !!

    if you drink, get drunk, you can do anything stupid, say anything, insult anyone, then later if they get mad at you just say "oh, i'm really sorry, i was drunk i didn't know what i was doing/saying" !!!!! ITS GREAT...that and some people have horrible problems in their life with no solution, and do not say that all problems have solutions cuz thats bullshit...getting drunk will give you moments of happiness when you forget this horrible problem in your life, and the hang over the next day is worth that time of bliss...

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  • ok well...

    ok well for me anyway it gives me some extra confidence and also more interesting things happen when people are drunk like a few arguments or people pulling that u never expected.

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  • Athought

    Being drunk is the biproduct of the bigger picture. Getting drunk is More fun most of the time, It induces a comfortable, relaxed state, helps us to lose our inhibitions, changes our perception on things, which can be interesting to see outside the box you live in And most of all, it brings people together for a common purpose, to have fun and go crazy.

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  • Well...

    Well see when you get drunk, your emotions and feelings are controled by the neurotransmitters in your brain otherwise known as brain chemicals. It raises and lowers them. It can make you feel different ways like more relaxed. People say it's fun because they're either addicted to it or like being irrisponsible and going out with friends and getting wasted

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  • The wish for self destruction is an attractive weed.

    I've seen a lot of testimony that apparently is based on the assumption that you can control how much you take, and even what you do when you take it. Not much, if any, mention is made of the destruction that results from drinking in excess. I think this may be because of the age of most of those who have posted.

    You don’t want to end up like me, homeless, dazed, and confused! Oh, I got out of it, after twelve years of struggling with alcoholism, mental illness, including family issues. Maybe a trip to the career and jobs office will sober you up. Get ready for when you become graduated. Don’t wait until your senior year to start finding out what you really want to do. I’ve posted this before, under a different title. I am thinking that it’s time for me to share my experience so you can have more to think about as you begin your path toward self-destruction. It can be a slow and arduous path, not showing its treachery until you are very well along on its meandering.

    Voted for by cafegroundzero.
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  • Social interactions

    Drinking, for most people, consists of a social skill enhancer. I know because it used to be that way for me. Routine: go out, get trashed, meet people who are equally trashed. Most of the social interactions people have while out would never have occured if it wasn't for a little bit of alcohol. In my case, I don't do it anymore... I don't need alcohol to overcome my shyness because I've taken care of that aspect in my life and I became totally shameless. But I do enjoy a drink every now and then for relaxation purposes.

    Now, to touch the statement earlier that says people drink to "fix" problems, that alcohol wears off eventually and the problems are still there are completely correct. But saying it's the same with drugs is incorrect to a certain extent. Ecstacy (widely known club drug) provides euphoria for the duration of the trip. And it's true it wears off eventually. But it provides a different type of mood enhancement called afterglow. Afterglow is a wondeful feeling similar to the one provided right after having sex AND it's possible that it lasts a lifetime. So some drugs, although they won't eliminate your problems, WILL give you a fresh and more positive look on your problems and make you feel better down the line.

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  • hmmm...
    i think people say drinking is "fun" because they get to do things they would never do in everyday life... alcohol is a drug and when enough is consumed there is that feeling of being "high"...a lot of people like the fact that they are able to act any way they want...i think it is nice to go out with friends every now and then...but when you go out and drink that you pass out and don't remember anything that happened the night before, how can that be fun?
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  • Because
    So is bashing your head against a brick wall. There are many things that are simplistically fun.
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  • now why but becuase
    why do kids drink?
    beucase it is illegal.
    I met a girl in france that drank with every meal since she was very young. She didn't really realize that kids in the U.S use it for fun. She used other illegal things for fun, like pot and other drugs.
    Sot he main reason is that every kid needs rebelion and the ones that say they don't are lying or insane or probably have something else wrong with them. Drinking is the say question as, why do kids speed? Why do kids do drugs. Why dot hey have sex. Why do they sneak out? Why dot hey lie. Becuase they are teenagers and there is something in us that craves rebellion, craves danger. We live in cookiecutter lives and sometimes we need to do something crazy to break free.
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  • immature...
    Anyone that relies on or uses alcohol to have fun, relax, or open up is obviously too immature to be able to do it with out a substance.

    Voted for by chris10121.
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  • alcohol is fun
    I dunno, call me crazy, but the most fun I have with alcohol is seeing how long I can stay in control. I like the challenge
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  • Personally,
    Personally, I do not like the actual act of being drunk-it makes me act like a complete jackass sometimes and canine cologne is not exactly the most sexy thing on a woman.

    On the other hand it has its bonuses, you can relax sometimes and just kind of mesh with music and other folks. You can just do something that you know you will regret and blame it on the liquor.( "Oh, I dont remember who you are" when in all actuallity you know that that was a "oops") The other reason it's great is 'cuz I find it an excellent sleep aid
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