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Hair Oils

Hair oil is very much essential for nourishing your hair . Hair oils such as amla hair oil, coconut hair oil, castor, almond, to name a few, contain natural product extracts that hydrates, conditions and protects hair.

In this polluted environment, hair is continuously exposed to smoke, dirt, grime and harmful rays of the sun, hence, it needs treatment.Regular hair oil massage would definitely give your hair health, luster and volume.

You must oil your hair twice a week. You should gently massage hair with cocunut or amla hair oil. These hair oils not only provides sheen to hair, but also strengthens its roots.

If you have dry hair, then extra care and nourishment is required. For treating rough, curly and dry hair, you should give a warm hair oil treatment to hair.

Types of Hair Oil

  • Tea Tree Hair Oil: It is best suited for oily hair and is good for treating hair lice, dandruff, scaly head and inactive sebaceous glands.

  • Neem Hair Oil: It is also known as ‘wonder oil’, which is used to for soothing purposes. It is best suited for itchy scalp.

  • Rose Hair Oil: This oil is also primarily used for soothing purposes.

  • Lemon Hair Oil: It is beneficial for oily hair, and it helps with dandruff and lice.

  • Peppermint Hair Oil: It is extremely helpful for hair growth.

  • Chamomile Hair Oil: It is meant for normal hair types and provides golden hue to your hair.

  • Jojoba Hair Oil: It is a popular natural hair softener, which hydrates hair and balances the secretion of sebum.

Hair Oiling Tips

  • Massage hair oil gently on your scalp with the help of your finger tips for about 20 minutes.

  • One in fifteen days, you must give a hot oil massage to hair. For this, you should warm hair oil by keeping it hot water bucket.

  • While applying hair oil, you must make partitions in hair, which would enable oil to seep inside the hair cuticles.

  • Apply oil to the hair roots. It helps to improve the blood circulation and makes hair silky soft and lustrous.