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Hair Nutrition

When it comes to appearance there is no denying the fact that hair plays an essential part of an individual’s beauty. Maintaining those bouncy tresses is not that difficult if you are aware of proper hair nutrition.

Being a little bit cautious will definitely go long way in dealing with hair problems. These days the beauty stores are flooded with beauty products that can confuse you to a great extent. Do not get carried away with claims of solving hair problems that you find printed on the product label.

It is necessary to know your hair type before going on a shopping spree of hair care products. It helps in determining the kind of treatments and products you should avail to get a solution for your hair problems. Go through the following to know some important points regarding hair nutrition.

  • Growth of Hair in Human Body: Follicles on the scalp are responsible for hair growth. Hair growth amounts to about 0.35 mm per day. For this reason proportionate nutrition for hair is very important. Protein synthesis is a major part of the whole process of hair growth. Lack of nutrition may lead to major hair problems. Often it results in dry texture of hair. Dryness in the scalp can cause hair to fall and may weaken hair roots. Supply of oxygen and glucose to the hair roots are very important for maintaining healthy hair. Vitamin B complex plays a vital role in the growth of hair.

  • Diet and Hair: Proper hair nutrition includes proper diet chart which needs to be maintained on a regular basis. Supply of iron is also very important for hair. Those adapted to crash diets and irregular food habits have a reason to get scared regarding their hair. It is very important to take care of nutritional deficiency else you may end up having damaged hair in the years to come. The coloring agents and chemical components can be harmful for the skin. Remember to drink a lot of water, and include proteins and fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Go low on oil, colas, alcohol and tobacco. Healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits can help reduce majority of the hair problems.

  • Exercise and Relaxation: A healthy body leads to healthy hair. So, you should make it a habit of including 30 minutes’ of exercise in our daily routine. You can even join yoga and meditation classes. Make sure that you get 8 hours of undisturbed sleep, every night. You should learn to relax. Too much of stress can also lead to hair fall. Exercise helps to tone your body and it also helps you to distress.

  • Hair Care Products: Try to stick to major brands or homemade natural products when it comes to buying hair products. Make sure that the product you are using is suited to your hair type. There are major brands like L’Orea, and Dove that have a great range of care products. You may also try hair oils and shampoos from Johnson & Johnson—baby shampoos are very mild and cause least damage to hair.
Maintain a healthy lifestyle, take care of your hair, regularly, and enjoy trying out the latest hair styles on your glossy, healthy hair.

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