St. Louis Has Its Playboy Back!

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Wow! You hear the news? Beer scion August Busch IV divorced his wife Kathryn Lisa Busch (formerly Kathryn Thatcher) on Wednesday in St. Louis County Circuit Court. The couple married just over two years ago. Busch is 44. His ex-wife just 28.

I, for one, am glad to hear that Busch IV is back in the field. His carousing skills as a bachelor were legendary and always provided some great second-hand tales. Prior to getting hitched in 2006, Busch IV dated the pride of Florissant and former Miss USA Shandi Finnessey. Much earlier than that, Busch IV dated a woman by the name of Karla Stratton -- a dancer at the Sauget topless bar, PT's.

In fact, Busch IV had quite a penchant for the skin bars on the East Side during his playboy daze days. In 1985 the then 20-year-old was speeding home from a Sauget bar in his Mercedes when he got in a chase with undercover cops in St. Louis. The police thought he was a drug dealer, and after a 15-minute, high-speed chase through the Central West End they finally stopped Busch IV when they shot out his rear tire. (Busch IV, meanwhile, thought the cops -- in unmarked police cars -- were gangsters intent on kidnapping him.)

Now with his divorce and $91.4 million payout from last year's sale of Anheuser-Busch to InBev, Busch IV should have plenty of time and cash to return to his old ways. How many lap dances does $91 million buy ya?

P.S. You can read more of his tales in the fantastic book, Under the Influence: The Unauthorized Stor of the Anheuser-Busch Dynasty.

Note: You can read an update to this story with terms of the divorce settlements, here.


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Jennifer says:

Big deal over half of all married people get divorced at least once and you forgot to mention that he is a nice guy which he is and the media never mentions that and he probabely does not think the money is as big of a deal as other people do because he has always had it so let the guy be single and happy who cares just let him be peaceful.

Posted On: Friday, Mar. 6 2009 @ 8:15PM
Muzette Heiligenstein says:

August if you are still available so am I. If not I hope you are happy.

Posted On: Friday, Oct. 30 2009 @ 2:35PM
Anonymous says:

um i know this kate bitch. fucking NASTY!!!!!!!! dates a 20 year old!!!! divorced august and got sooooo much cash and spends it on boats and cars for her 20 year old!!!!!! she is DISGUSTING

Posted On: Saturday, May. 15 2010 @ 4:26PM

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