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UK general election 2010

Results for Newcastle upon Tyne East Show national results

Winning candidate: Nicholas Hugh Brown

Majority: 4,453

Electorate: 64,487

Total number of votes cast: 38,368

Adjusted turnout: 58.68

Number of postal votes cast: 15,534

Number of proxy votes cast: 87

Number of rejected votes: 74

Vote share

  • N.H. Brown, Labour Party (45.0%)
  • W.B. Taylor, Liberal Democrat (33.3%)
  • D.R.C. Llewellyn, Conservative Party (16.0%)
  • A. Spence, British National Party (3.5%)
  • A. Gray, Green Party (1.6%)
  • M.R. Levy, Communist Party of Britain (0.5%)

Table of detailed results

Candidate surname Candidate initials Party / description Votes (no) Percentage of votes won
Brown N.H. Labour Party 17,043 45.0
Taylor W.B. Liberal Democrat 12,590 33.3
Llewellyn D.R.C. Conservative Party 6,068 16.0
Spence A. British National Party 1,342 3.5
Gray A. Green Party 620 1.6
Levy M.R. Communist Party of Britain 177 0.5

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  • Electorate: The number of electors eligible to vote at this election.
  • Valid votes: The total number of valid votes cast.
  • Postal votes: The total number of postal votes which went forward to the count after postal ballot verification.
  • Proxy votes: The total number of electors who appointed proxies to vote on their behalf.
  • Rejected ballot papers: The number of ballot papers which was declared invalid for one or more of the following reasons:
  • the ballot paper did not contain the official mark
  • where the voter had voted for more than the specified number of candidates
  • where the ballot paper contained writing or a mark by which the voter could be identified
  • where the ballot paper was unmarked or where it was unclear what the voter had intended
  • (A ballot paper may also be rejected in part).