Jen Shroder
July 14, 2004
Congressional gang rape of America
By Jen Shroder

Lady Justice was first violated in the muck and mire of San Francisco when Mayor Newsom openly raped her, breaking the law and forcing gay marriage upon her. The people cried out for Justice, but nobody cared. Liberal judges stood on the sidelines, watching as Lady Justice lay bruised and bloodied, violated over and over again, over 3,000 times.

Violation after violation to human dignity, morality, the law of the land has been twisted and contorted as pedophiles and pornographers are protected. Not one state voted in favor of gay marriage, forty-two states have specifically passed legislation defining marriage as between a man and a woman, yet four liberal judges in Massachusetts demand the rape spread across the land as gay marriage is forced upon a people unwilling.

On July 14th, President Bush, Senators Santorum, Cronyn, Hatch and others proposed Congress put a stop to it with the Federal Marriage Amendment to respect and protect the will of the people.

But the majority of our Senators have joined in, hangin' with the boys and enjoying the show. Senator Kennedy is applauding. Even the girls are participating. Senator Hillary Clinton argued, "The Defense of Marriage Act known as DOMA has not even been challenged at the federal level." Senator Santorum proved this statement as flatly false by submitting the pleadings in Florida and Washington State, both challenging the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act.

Many Senators carefully explained how lawsuits will continue to be filed nationwide (in forty-six states already) until finally, after the laws become so convoluted over it that, just like in Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court will come in and say, "Ah, we didn't want to have to do this..." and rule in favor of gay marriage, legalizing the rape of the land against the will of the people.

Santorum quoted Senator Kennedy, "I happen to be someone that supports the Court decision in Massachusetts. I'm proud of them."

Santorum said, "Proud that four justices redefined and forced the legislature to rewrite their laws? What's this agenda? [In essence, saying] 'I'm proud that four unelected judges can usurp the authority of the legislative branch and roll them and force them to do something that the people of Massachusetts don't want, I'm PROUD of them.'

I don't think John Adams would have said the same thing. I don't think Jefferson or Madison would have agreed. One of my colleagues said he would agree with Madison. I don't think Madison sees the role of judges to rewrite the Constitution when they have a hankering to do so. I think Mr. Madison would have a BIG TIME PROBLEM with what he would see as an abuse of Article V. What's Article V? The Amendment of the Constitution Process. And no where in there do I see Mr. Madison talking about judges changing the Constitution when they feel like it.

But you see, as Senator Clinton said, 'I am in agreement that the Constitution is a living and working accomplishment.' My question is who's doing the living? I thought from Article V that the living part was those of us here in the legislative branch, those of us across the States who would determine when it's appropriate to institute new rights or obligations in the Constitution...That is NOT what those who oppose this Amendment believe the Constitution is.

No, the living that's going on is not the American public doing the living. It's a few hand-picked judges who claim the right."

One brave Senator noted that "in Lawrence v. Texas, the Supreme Court ruled: 'That the governing majority in the State has traditionally viewed a particular practice as immoral is not sufficient reason for upholding the law prohibiting the practice.' Wow. Sorry about that State, sorry if you had morality as part of the reason why you're legislating but the Supreme Court doesn't think that's enough."

Santorum quoted the Justices of Massachusetts who said, "marriage is a stain on our laws that must be eradicated." Santorum said, "That's how Hollywood views marriage, that's how the music industry and the media views marriage. What are the media writing about? Are they writing about this marriage debate? No, they're writing about the conflict between Republicans and trying to get a vote on the Senate."

Senators opposing the Amendment argue these are state's rights. Santorum pointed out that issue after issue, time after time, Democrats vote to take rights away from the States: "But when it comes to this fragile institution that is so out of favor within the popular culture listen to the music. Do you hear affirming things about the treatment of women in the music in the popular culture today? Do you hear songs about commitment and marriage in the popular culture today? Do you see movies reaffirming the traditional role of fathers raising children, the responsible actions of parents? This is an institution that is swimming against a toxic tide of popular culture that wants to just drown it."

Santorum said that the substance of argument from those who oppose the Amendment claim the debate is 1. Political and 2. We should be talking about homeland security.

Santorum said, "I'm for homeland security but there isn't enough money in the world that you can spend to secure THE HOME more than marriage. If you want to invest in homeland security then you invest in marriage, you invest in the stability of the family. That's what this amendment is. And the idea I mean I hear this speaker that there are more important things to debate here in the Senate than 'the family' think about that. 'There are more important things to debate...' which by the way won't be spent until October 1st of next year, 'spending a few billion more dollars is more important than preserving the traditional family.' No, they haven't been debating the substance of it."

As Lady Justice lays bruised and bleeding in the muck of the streets of our nation, watched by liberal Senators and judges unwilling to help her, applauding and "proud" of the perpetrators, many Americans weep. Americans that voted against gay marriage and were usurped. The Americans that hoped for goodness and dignity for their children, free to live and breathe without pervasive perversion at every turn.

And the militant gay activists continue to dance in the streets, drunk in the revelry, celebrating as they rip the fabric of our nation apart at the seams, desecrating our schools and recruiting our children.

Liberal Senators are making a mockery of the Constitution they swore to uphold. They did not stand up for Justice, for the law, for the people, for the dignity of a nation. We will continue to be raped, choking back our tears and weeping in muffled silence in the muck and mire, witnessing the corruption of society, the death of our nation, our hearts breaking for our children.

People, take care that the next Senator you vote for is not standing by applauding.

© Jen Shroder


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