Cynthia A. Janak
May 13, 2008
Gardasil reactions on the rise
By Cynthia A. Janak

In my last article about Gardasil the numbers of reports are rising. When will we stop this? When will our government take notice and launch a full investigation into this vaccine? I wish I knew the answers.

In my article on Gardasil dated March 28th, 2008 I gave the newest stats on Gardasil. They are as follows.

5238 reported incidents +2141 = 7379 (I will update the multiple incident number at a future date.)

89 were considered life threatening

204 were hospitalized

913 had not recovered at the time of the report

124 are disabled at the time of the report

13 have died

Here are the new numbers as of May 12, 2008

6223 reported incidents +2141 = 8364 (2141 multiple incidents)

96 were considered life threatening

241 were hospitalized

3370 were taken to the ER

1134 had not recovered at the time of the report

143 are disabled at the time of the report

13 have died

Now let us give this the 10% rule as I did in my last article and get a more realistic number of occurrences.

83640 incidents

960 were life threatening

2410 were hospitalized

33700 were taken to the ER

11340 had not recovered

1430 are disabled

130 have died

This means that there are 985 new cases in a month and a half. Using the 10% as a rule there is an approximate increase of 9850 new cases. These numbers terrify me. Don't they bother you?

What I am going to do this time is give you excerpts from VAERS reports where the only vaccine administered was HPV. The time frame I am going to use is January 1, 2008 through May 12, 2008.

MD Age 25 Days Later 1 Vasovagal and- patient blacked out at time of vaccine then middle finger on right hand (vaccinated arm) remained swollen x2 days; mild hives x 2 days on right hand nausea and dizziness on day of vaccination. mild dizziness day after

OH Age 14 Days Later 0 Parent reports hives and "throat swelling" by the time seen appeared normal.

WA Age 15 Days Later 0 Pt has been having ongoing body aches since the night she received the vaccine. She has been taking ibp. which has helped.

MD Age 15 Days Later 0 Fainting, dizziness, weakness, fast heart rate, nausea, diarrhea

MO Age 26 Days Later 01:55 p.m. patient waiting in lobby after shot as instructed: clerk observed start f reaction with gurgling breath sounds, head dropped to right, patient became limp in chair. i responded to patient who demonstrated "seizure-like" activity: mild shaking, stiffness, eyes and mouth closed but could not tell if teeth clenched. Within a minute, activity stopped, skin and lips pallid, patient opened eyes, appeared dazed but was responsive. Parent denied history of seizures. Patient was kept in clinic til 2:40 p.m. when I walked her to vehicle with parent. Treatment: cold packs to head/neck area, caffeinated cola drink given, later placed in supine position with legs elevated. 3:40 p.m. called father who said patient was sleeping. 2/14/08, 8:50 a.m. called father who stated patient was feeling fine.

OH Age 27 Days Later 2 Received vaccine #3 on 2/20/08. Tolerated well. Friday PM, had diarrhea for 24 hours. No fever. Seen at clinic. Reassured patient. She is a teacher and could have easily picked up a viral illness. Doing well now.

MD Age 10 Days Later 1 Burning on skin around right eye, across bridge of nose and part of left eye. Iced area and symptoms stopped after 45 minutes.

FL Age 16 Days Later 0 Immediately after Gardasil shot #2 administered patient became dizzy, nauseous and had a vasovagal reaction lasting few minutes. Monitored by Dr. and discharged from our office to home.

FL Age 16 Days Later 0 After receiving Gardasil injection #2 L deltoid walked immediately to check out counter and became pale, nauseous and had a syncopal episode in which she became bradycardic. Epi-pen adult and 50mg diphenhydramine given and O2 then sent to emergency room via EMS.

FL Age 25 Days Later 4 Developed headache on 1/12/08. Then developed "flu-like" symptoms, fever, runny nose and sore throat.

CA Age 12 Days Later 1 Right arm pain from elbow to shoulder, unable to elevate arm above shoulder with minimal swelling. Treatment 400mg Ibuprofen Tid after food for 1 week.

VT Age 19 Days Later 2 Pt developed sore throat on 2/22, developed itching, burning, swelling in throat and ears on 2/25. Tender cervical LAD, felt short of breath. Red, pruritic rash across abdomen and upper thighs with some involvement of arms, appears allergic in nature. No source of infection on examination. Patient d/c'ed from clinic with fexofenadine.

NY Age 23 Days Later ? After receiving the first Gardasil vaccine on Jan 11th, I have not gotten my period. My last one was around Christmas time. I have always been regular and never missed a period. (Submitted 02-26-2008)

OK Age 12 Days Later ? Pt received a Gardasil injection before her pregnancy results came back from the lab. The lab results showed she was pregnant.

NY Age 22 Days Later 0 Five minutes post injection pt c/o dizziness and blurred vision. BP decreased. Symptoms started subsiding after 5 minutes. Discharged to home with no further complaints 20 min post injection.

SC Age 18 Days Later 1 Patient reported tongue swelling and difficulty swallowing on the day after the vaccine was given. Symptoms were mild and were not brought to my attention for 10 days. She is still having some tongue swelling after 10 days, however she appears perfectly fine. She has no difficulty breathing or swallowing

?? Age 14 Days Later 0 Information has been received from a physician's assistant (PA), concerning a 14 year old female patient, who on 12-FEB-2008 was vaccinated IM with the second dose, 0.5 ml, of Gardasil (lot # not reported). Concomitant therapy included diphenhydramine HC1 (BENADRYL). On 02-FEB-2008, following the vaccination, the patient developed syncope and a seizure. She was rushed to the emergency room, and was released the same day. At the time of this report, the patient had recovered (duration and date not specified). The PA commented she "felt that the vaccine was administered incorrectly by one of the staff." The PA considered syncope and seizure to be serious as another important medical event. Additional information has been requested.

NC Age 14 Days Later 5 Information has been received from a physician concerning a 14 year old female patient with hypertension who on 11-FEB-2008, was vaccinated with a first 0.5ml dose of Gardasil. On 16-FEB-2008, the patient experienced a seizure- x link hypohydrotic ectodermal dysplasia. Unspecified medical attention was sought. At the time of this report, the patient's outcome was unknown. No product quality complaint was involved. Upon internal review, seizure was considered to be another important medical event. Additional information has been requested.

NY Age 17 Days Later 2 Sudden unattended death. Autopsy results pending (inconclusive 2/25/08). 2/26/08 Reviewed pcp medical records & vax records which reveal patient received HPV#1 0469U 7/16/07 & HPV#2 09300 9/17/07. In 11/20/07, noted to have left sided head pain intermittently along with lightheadedness; dx w/tension HA. HPV#3 was scheduled for 1/16/2008 but postponed due to no parental signature. Returned to office 1/24/08 for left wrist pain from cheerleading injury s/p ER vs for same on 1/19/08. Patient last seen in office by nurse only on 2/20 for HPV #3, no notes for visit. PMH: kicked in face by horse in past (undated) & had contusion on cheek; acne vulgaris, started Yasmin & topicals 4/07 w/improvement after multiple other drug failures; 1/19/08 wrist contusion from cheerleading. 5/2/08 Autopsy report states COD as undetermined. Autopsy states patient had intermittent HAs x 2 mo & had been on BCP x 1 year for acne. Found w/small facial laceration from striking flower pot when fell. The autopsy was neg for all findings. Scene indicated sudden death from collapse & fall. Suspected long QT interval syndrome w/fatal arrhythmia rather than new onset seizure in patient w/no history of either. Suggested testing family members.

FL Age 18 Days Later 1 Pt. noted severe pain at injection site 2/18/08 that radiated into forearm over the next 24 hours. Approx. 24 hours after the inj. her 4th and 5th fingers and ulnar apect of her left hand felt tingling with mild pain at the tips of her fingers. Her sx have continued. No erythema or drainage at inj. site. Normal ROM and sensation in fingers. She had taken ibuprofen 2/19/18 x 1. She is instructed to take ibuprofen 3xdaily and apply warm compresses to the inj site.

SD Age 12 Days Later 2 Left arm became red,swollen and tender to the touch and warm 50-54 hours after administration. Tylenol administered, no fever. Went away after 8-10 hours.

MO Age 19 Days Later 0 Patient was given 2nd Garadisil vaccine 9:00am on 2/14. Patient was fine until after dinner when she fainted. She came to my clinic on 2/20 and no signs of any additional problems.

CA Age 14 Days Later 0 Pt received vaccine, took 6 steps, fell to the ground unconscious and had a 60 sec grand mal seizure then regained consciousness. BP after seizure 60/40 pale clammy skin. Pt had bit her tongue and had foam around her mouth. BP raised in 7 mins. Benadryl at 1500 25mg. 2/25/08-records received for DOS 2/12/08-Impression: Syncopal episode. Presented to ED after experiencing syncopal episode immediately upon injection of vaccine. PE: unremarkable.

FL Age 18 Days Later 1 Immediatley after the administration she described a burning sensation, as she never had it before. It Improved. Later that day she developed a frontal headache lasting many hours, that needed NSAIDs to improve. Next morning while taking a shower, she felt dizzy and fainted. Was assisted by family member and later transferred to an ER department, where all tests were considered normal and she was stable. Second day after the shot, she come complaining of malaise, feeling "wobbly," with decreased lower extremities strength and generalized body aches, like "when the flu is starting."

WA Age 10 Days Later 0 Immediate rash after HPV vaccine received.

?? Age 21 Days Later 0 Information has been received from a pharmacist concerning a 21 year old female with migraines and an allergy to VICODIN who on 11-FEB-2008 was vaccinated with her second dose of Gardasil (lot # 654702/0011U). Concomitant therapy included birth control (unspecified). On 11-FEB-2008 the patient was seen in the office and developed nausea, blurred vision, dizziness, tinnitus, lightheadedness and felt like she was going to faint after her second vaccination with Gardasil. Her blood pressure was 84/58 and her pulse was 81. She was slightly hypoxic with an oxygen level of 84. On 11-FEB-2008, she was treated with oxygen and recovered. Additional information has been requested.

NC Age 16 Days Later 0 Information has been received from a physician concerning a 16 year old female, who on 13-FEB-2008 was vaccinated with a third dose of Gardasil. On 13-FEB-2007, thirty seconds post vaccination, the patient had a "vagal experience," the patient passed out, hit her head and began to experience seizures. The physician reported that they called an ambulance and brought the patient to the emergency room. The patient was discharged that night and was not admitted to the hospital. At the time of the report, the outcome of the patient was unknown. No product quality complaint was involved. Upon internal review seizure was considered to be another important medical event. Additional information has been requested.

?? Age 18 Days Later 0 Information has been received for the Merck Pregnancy Registry for Gardasil from an 18 year old female with no pertinent medical history or drug reactions/allergies who on 31-JAN-2008 was vaccinated with a first dose of Gardasil injection. There was no concomitant medication. On 03-FEB-2008 or 04-FEB-2008 (3 to 4 days) after receiving the first dose of Gardasil the patient miscarried. The patient was approximately 2 weeks pregnant. The patient was unaware she was pregnant until she miscarried. The physician stated to the patient that her left ovary was swollen. The patient was in alot of pain. The patient was scheduled for a CT scan next week. At the time of reporting the patient has not recovered. On approximately 20-JAN-2008 was the patient's date of last menstrual period. The patient's estimated date of delivery was 26-OCT-2008. No additional information was provided. Upon internal review miscarriage was considered to be another medical event. Additional information is not expected.

NC Age 16 Days Later 02 minutes after receiving the Gardasil vaccine patient had vagal epsiode and hit left frontal area of head on cement floor. Resulted in 20 second tonic seizure. After seizure patient remained dizzy and nauseated. Taken to ER for cervical spine films and head CT both negative. Patient discharged from ER with zofran and motrin. Almost 24 hours later patient still dizzy and nauseated.

GA Age 23 Days Later 024 hours after receiving her first dose of Guardasil, the patient developed edema in her face, hands and feet, which lasted until 2-14-08. She also had generalized itching from the neck down, which lasted for 24 hours. She reported these side effects to her physician on 2-14-08.

PA Age 16 Days Later 2 Received Gardasil injection #3 on 2/7/08. Few days later developed neck stiffness and joint pain/stiffness, tightness both legs & L arm where inj./fever on 3rd day x24 hrs. Can barely walk. Sent to ER. 03/17/2008 MR recieved for DOS 2/18-21/2008 with DX: Severe polyarthragia and weakness 2' to SLE. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. ADD. Anemia. Pt presented with history of joint pain and swelling, generalized weakness progressing to the point of having difficulty getting out of bed. PE (+) for tenderness of both feet, ankles and hands. Decreased hand grip. Rheumatology consult with assessment of polyarthralgias, fevers, myalgias and hypocomplementemia.

TX Age 20 Days Later 1 "Approximately 1/3/08 she received her 3rd Gardasil injection in the left deltoid shoulder area. She said it felt a little more uncomfortable than usual, felt just ill inside, like the fluid going into her arm. Since that time, she has had progressive pain extending down the entire arm with some tingling generalized in the arm and hands. Pain in a broad area. She denies any skin changes over the site, no constitutional symptoms during the last symptoms. She denies any generalized reaction to prior injections or to any immunizations in the past that she can recall. She has pain with resistant abduction and external rotation. No treatment at this time."

IA Age 19 Days Later 0 Achy muscles, stiff neck and back, extreme fatigue, nausea, migraines, diarrhea, ringing in ears, sharp stabbing pains in belly, severe abdominal cramping, numbness and tingling in limbs, impaired thinking, aversions to foods, strong aversion/nausea upon smelling strong scents, trouble sleeping, fevers. 4/2/2008 MR received for OV 3/27/2008 and PMH back to 12/2006. Pt presented to office with c/o ? reaction to 3rd Gardasil vax. Pt reports migraines x 10 in the week following vax, now with constant, throbbing pain in the R eye area with pressure. Pt also reports diarrhea and abd cramping, 10 stools yesterday. Legs go numb during BM. Smells bother pt now. Pt reports fevers. Temp 99.8 at OV. Pt reports paresthesias in the L leg which began 3/25/08. Pt also reports weakness, fatigue and twitching. PE WNL. Assessment: R Frontal Headaches. Abdominal Pain, cramping & diarrhea. Paresthesias of the legs. Tag2 received from PCP (308590 to be linked). 4/7/08 RN in PCP office reports pt's sx have improved with Medrol dose pack.

NJ Age ?? Days Later 7 Information has been received from a physician, concerning a white female student (age not reported), with no pertinent medical history, who on 23-NOV-2007 was vaccinated with the first dose, and on 26-JAN-2008 was vaccinated, IM, with the second dose of GARDASIL (lot #659653/1448U). The physician noted that on 06-NOV-2007, the patient had been vaccinated with a dose of HAVRIX and a dose of MENACTRA. There was no illness at the time of vaccination. On 02-FEB-2008 the patient experienced paresthesias of both feet and up her legs, with some weakness, that continued through the month. On 26-FEB-2008 she experienced "pins and needles" of her arms and shoulders. The patient visited the physician, and on an unknown date, diagnostic testing included a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the head and spine, a complete blood count (CBC), blood chemistries and a thyroid panel, all with normal results. At the time of this report, the outcome of the events was not recovered. The physician considered the events to be serious as disabling or incapacitating. Additional information has been requested.

MN Age 13 Days Later 0 Approximately 20-30 minutes after vaccine given pt c/o dizziness, throat swelling, hard to breath. Had hives/rash on head, neck and upper chest.

Bradycardic The term relative bradycardia is used to explain a heart rate that, while not technically below 60 beats per minute, is considered too slow for the individual's current medical condition.

Vasovagal Fainting

Syncopal Episode Unexplained fainting

Polyarthragia Muscle soreness and fatigue

Paresthesias Numbness or tingling (pins and needles sensation)

I cannot make this stuff up. There are 48 pages with 100 per page and I went through about 10 pages. I did not select every one that I read. One thing that did happen as I read the information is I was shocked at the doctors that gave their patients more than 2 shots. There was one that received 8 vaccines on the same day she received the HPV vaccine. I find that to be gross negligence on the part of the doctor. I did not include that report because of the multiple vaccines given that day.

These reports are just tearing my heart out. We need to stop this now and forever. We need to force the drug companies to make all of our vaccines safe.

I am going to tell you about an organization that is trying to do something about the vaccine travesty that is going on in this country. The organization is TACA (Talk About Curing Autism). This organization is having a rally in Washington, DC on June 4th called "Green Our Vaccines."

I have been in contact with Leslie Weed from HEAL Foundation. This rally is for every family that has had an adverse reaction to any vaccine. So please everyone able please come and support Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy.

This is what Leslie Weed had to say.

The speakers at the rally have been set and approved. This issue is so large that we are encompassing ALL vaccines. (I added the emphasis.)

If you have hundreds of mothers of children specifically injured by Gardasil be sure FIRST every one has reported their adverse reactions to VAERS: the "Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System" (VAERS) Web site. http://vaers. . The most efficient way for your voices to be heard is to compose a letter have the names of the injured included in the letter and send to every Senator and Congressman the week of the Rally, cc this letter to the president of the AAP, Gerberding of the CDC and the FDA.

Make appointments with all your legislators and come in the door with the letter and as many personal stories attached to the cover letter!

Your voice will be heard from those who have the ability to make change on a national level!

Thank you for taking this most important issue on and we look forward to seeing you on June 4th!

Jenny's Call to All Families

with Children on the Spectrum!

Come one, come all to the Jenny McCarthy & Jim Carrey DC Rally for Autism.

Our Rally Message:

We are not anti-vaccine, we are anti-toxins.

Green our Vaccines!!

Change the schedule, babies are getting too much too soon.

We support informed consent for all families

To give the moms and dads around the world a day to be heard. This is their day. This will be their moment.

With great appreciation,

Jenny McCarthy & Jim Carrey

Sponsors of the Green your Vaccines Rally:

TACA, Generation Rescue, HEAL Foundation Healing Every Autistic Life and Moms Against Mercury

Here is the information about this rally.

Green Our Vaccines Rally

With Jenny McCarthy & Jim Carrey


Please join Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey for the most historical event of 2008, the Green Our Vaccines Rally. Jenny and Jim are working hard to eliminate all toxins from our children's vaccines and have our national health agencies reassess the mandatory vaccine schedule, as our children are receiving TOO MANY, TOO SOON. While Jenny and Jim support the vaccine program, like many, they feel vaccines are too toxic. This country has the ability to provide a safer vaccine supply and schedule to our children and they ask you to join them to demand this for our country's greatest asset, our children.

Who: Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey, sponsored by Talk About Curing Autism (TACA), Generation Rescue, HEAL Foundation Healing Every Autistic Life and Moms Against Mercury

What: A March and Rally to give everyone who loves a child with Autism a day for their voices to be heard.

When: June 4, 2008

  • 9:00 a.m. Gather in DC (see March info below)

  • 10:00 a.m. March (PROMPT START TIME)

  • 12:30 p.m. RALLY CONCLUSION

Where: Washington, DC

Why: Demand Congress take action to Green Our Vaccine Supply while reassessing our current vaccine schedule. Ask Congress to reenact legislation that would eliminate mercury and other toxins from our children's vaccines, study the instance of Autism and other neurological disorders in vaccinated versus unvaccinated children, and to extend the statute of limitations to allow all children affected by vaccine induced Autism to file in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP).

How: You must register online to attend the Rally.

Is this date & location confirmed: YES. Permits and policy participation for this important event have been secured. This venue is safe for parents and children to attend. Register online.


  • We will start lining up for the March at 9 a.m. at the corner of 4th Street SW, and C Street SW, just past the Holiday Inn Parking (Colonial Parking Deck).

  • There will be a large number of people, so it is very important for all marchers to be on time so we can assemble and go over instructions. We will be in motion at 10 a.m.

  • For those who cannot march, you can meet us at the rally site in front of the Capitol Building, West Capitol Grounds. There will be a team of rally staff, that will be easily identifiable, to guide you and inform you of all marching rules and regulations.

  • It is vital that you register for the March and Rally.

RALLY SHIRTS: Don't forget to buy your official Green Our Vaccines t-shirts for the whole family! Available in sizes for children and adults.

Stay Tuned with the LATEST RALLY INFO:

  • Join the JennyDcAutismRally Yahoo! Group for the latest in updates and news as it relates to the rally. Arrange carpool, ask other state representatives questions, etc!

  • How to Join? Send an email to:

Questions: Please email us at

Special thanks and appreciation to the team of volunteers & family participation to make this event happen beyond words. Thank you.

Let's show our gratitude to this courageous couple, Jenny & Jim, who are working so hard to support our cause in honor of our children, by attending the Green Our Vaccines Rally.

This is the day our voices will be heard.

So let's join together and be LOUDER THAN WORDS.

With all that said.

Let us finally take a stand and be heard. Your presence at this rally will speak volumes not only to our legislators but to the world that we will not be human guinea pigs.

Please call or write your elected officials and tell them to take a stand and immediately create legislation to "Green our Vaccines" before any more of our children become disabled.


Find your Senators=>

Find your Congressmen=>

Find your Congressmen & Senators=>

Find your Newspapers=>

Find Local Talk-Radio=>

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