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2008 Marriage Scoresheet

Courts holding that the definition of marriage is constitutional:

Federal Courts:

State Courts:

Martinez v. Kulongowski (OR) (Ballot Issue)

National Pride at Work v. Granholm (MI) (Domestic Partner Benefits)

O'Darling v. O'Darling (OK) (Same-Sex "Divorce")

Courts striking down the definition of marriage as unconstitutional:

Federal Courts:

Lemons, et al. v. Bradbury, et al. (9th Cir.) (Ballot Issue)

State Courts:

Funderburke v. New York State Department of Civil Services (NY)

Godfrey v. Spano (NY) (Out of State Recognition Case)

Golden v. Paterson (NY) (Out of State Recognition Case)

In re Marriage Cases (CA)

Kerrigan, et al. v. State of Connecticut, Department of Public Health, et al. (CT)

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