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The Benefits of Augmented Civilian Capacity
Suzanne Nossel and David Shorr

Despite America’s superpower status, our government is not as effective as it should be in conducting its day-to-day relations with the rest of the world. Having allowed our civilian international affairs agencies to atrophy, the United States’ capacity to deal with other nations and affect global conditions falls far short of our stake in those relationships and conditions. There is a strikingly broad consensus among policy experts who call for strengthened civilian capacity (Defense Secretary Robert Gates has been especially vocal), but policy consensus is not matched by the political will to spur action. One key to generating support, and resources, will be to make the problem and the solution tangible. A Stanley Foundation-Center for a New American Security project on these issues asked the foundation’s David Shorr and Suzanne Nossel of the Center for American Progress to compile a list of benefits that an increased investment in civilian capacity should yield.

Policy Analysis
Jack Boureston and Andrew K. Semmel examine the IAEA's role regarding nuclear security and terrorist threats. Dr. Elizabeth Turpen reviews international instruments and efforts related to the Nuclear Security Summit. And Kenneth N. Luongo asks tough questions about the existing nuclear material security architecture. See all Policy Analysis Briefs.
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Now ShowingA new Now Showing event-in-a-box toolkit features Fragile States, Global Consequences, a DVD that helps viewers examine the global challenge of fragile states. It aims to encourage discussion of the growing movement in the international community to find comprehensive ways to promote stronger nations and more effective ways to deal with those that are already on the brink of failure. Sign Up

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Seoul G-20 Resources
Seoul G-20 ResourcesThe Stanley Foundation's David Shorr and Keith Porter were on-site for the G-20 Summit in Seoul, South Korea. These resources on the meeting are now available.
51st Strategy for Peace Conference
This year's annual Strategy for Peace Conference examined the evolving role of the G-20 in international affairs, the impact of nuclear security summits in addressing nuclear terrorism, and atrocity prevention as a US national security priority. Read more here.
Funders Dialogue on the Responsibility to Protect
Key actors in the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) community met this summer to provide an overview of the principle, reflect on recent developments, and begin discussion on best next steps. Read the Policy Memo.
Review and Vitalization of Peacebuilding
The United Nations Peacebuilding Commission is undergoing its first, five-year comprehensive review. The Stanley Foundation recently convened a meeting to examine key areas of consensus and significant questions remaining in the review process. Read the Policy Memo and the full conference report.

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The 1540 Hub
The 1540 HubIn 2004, the United Nations Security Council unanimously passed Resolution 1540 aimed at keeping the ingredients for weapons of mass destruction out of the wrong hands. The 1540 Hub centralizes the various international and NGO resources relevant to 1540 in a single website.

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The Earth Awareness Portable Classroom

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