Programs of Study:

Master of Science Management

Human Resources Concentration

Education Concentration

Master of Business Administration

Bachelor of Science Business Administration

- Accounting
- Finance

Bachelor of Science Human and Social Services

Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies
- Interdisciplinary Arts Science Concentration for Teachers of Elementary Education

Bachelor of Science in Office Administration

Associate of Science Degree

- Accounting Concentration
- Banking Concentration
- Broadcasting Management Concentration
- Finance Concentration
- Hotel and Tourism Management Concentration
- Information Systems Management Concentration

General Studies

Office Administration

Undergraduate & Graduate Study

The International College offers Associate and Baccalaureate programs in Business, General Studies and Office Administration. At the graduate level, we offer an accelerated MBA as well as a Master of Science in Human Resources Management. We recognize the Cayman Islands prominence as one of the word's largest financial centers and therefore provide concentrations that fit the requirements of today's business world. Please contact our admissions office for more info.

Requirements for Admission

The academic year consists of four quarters-fall, winter, spring, and summer. A full academic load is 12-15 credits each quarter. A typical course is 5 credits.

A minimum of 180 credit hours is required for the Bachelor of Science degree with no fewer than 60 credits earned in upper-division (300- and 400-level) courses and at least 55 credits in general education courses outside the major field. The specific requirements for each major vary.

A minimum of 90 credit hours is required for the Associate of Science degree. No fewer than 30 credits must be earned in general education courses.

A cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher is required of all students in undergraduate programs at the College. To fulfill degree residence requirements, the equivalent of three quarters of full-time study must be taken at International College of the Cayman Islands.

The College also offers developmental studies in English, reading, math, and English as a second language courses.

Off-Campus Arrangements
Students who have earned at least 45 credits may participate with permission in internship programs with businesses and agencies and receive up to 5 credits for participation in a program. Each quarter, one or more seminars are offered over a long weekend in Miami. Two Miami seminars are required for graduation.

Admission Requirements
Requirements for regular admission to a degree program include the following:

1. A completed, paid application form.
2. Graduation from high school or equivalent.
3. A minimum combined SAT-1 recentered score of 1010 or ACT cumulative score of 21
4. or be a mature student (student who is 5 or more years post high school graduation and has relevant work and/or business experience)
5. or have 5 GCE, GCSE, CXC or other passes inclusive of English
6. or be a transfer student with credit(s) from accredited or internationally recognized colleges and universities
7. Two letters of reference, attesting intellectual and emotional readiness to do college-level work.
8. Satisfactory interview (local residents).
9. A TOEFL score of at least 550 (paper based) or equivalent for speakers of non-English languages.

Continuing education or transient students are only required to provide a completed paid application form. Overseas students should request a Student Visa Application Packet and return all completed application materials at least four months before the beginning of the quarter in which they wish to enroll. Complete details about admission requirements are available from our catalog.

Application and Information
Applications for any quarter are considered at any time up to the opening of the quarter; however, overseas students must submit an application at least four months before the quarter in which they wish to enroll. Overseas applications must be sent via international airmail and include a non refundable application fee of $37.50 (U.S. dollars).

International Students: Section still in progress. Will be updated soon!

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