Hockey Centre

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Hockey Centre
Hockey Centre
The temporary Hockey Centre located in the Olympic Park will have two separate pitches – one with spectator seating. The facility will also be used for Paralympic Five-a-side and Seven-a-side Football.

Hockey, Paralympic Five-a-side Football, Paralympic Seven-a side Football
Capacity: 16,000
New or existing: New

The venue will be finished by 2011, in time for test events to take place before the 2012 Games.

During the Games

The main competition pitch will have a capacity of 16,000 and the second pitch will be a warm-up and contingency pitch with 300 seats.

After the Games

After the Games the Hockey Centre will move to the north of the Olympic Park, joining a group of facilities in the area known as Eton Manor. It will have 3,000 permanent seats with the ability to increase to up to 15,000 for major events.