Unified charging and billing solution

Get a single view of your customer, prepaid and postpaid. Nokia Siemens Networks' unified charging and billing solution helps make your business independent of payment methods.

How can a unified charging and billing solution help?

Integrating your prepaid and postpaid billing systems can bring immediate benefits to both you and your customers.

  • customers get personalized service to help them make decisions about how to pay, which services to access, and how to control their costs

  • understand your customers' usage patterns better: accurate information available when you need it

  • increase your revenue by service differentiation, combining business and consumer services or implementing new business models through advertising or phone-sharing

  • reduce OPEX by simplifying the systems used to process postpaid and prepaid subscriptions

Marketing and sales benefits of unified charging and billing

  • manage customer experience through service differentiation

  • reduce time to market for new services

  • Create opportunities in new segments through the combination of business and consumer services - such as service-specific payment methods

  • Gain new revenue by adapting to customers' personal preferences and lifestyle

  • Implement winning business models - e.g. introduce advertising or establish phone sharing services in emerging markets

Customer benefits of unified charging and billing

  • customers can choose the payment method they need - based on service or time

  • postpaid and prepaid customers both get easy online access to accurate account information about usage and expenditure

Operational benefits of unified charging and billing

  • simpler processing systems for postpaid and prepaid subscriptions lead to further OPEX savings

  • simpler operations - all customers and price plans provisioned and managed in one solution

  • easily introduce new services in a more streamlined and efficient way

  • better financial risk management through more accurate usage data

Why choose Nokia Siemens Networks?

We are the global leader in converged online charging and billing. With over 250 customers, we currently serve more than 500 million online customers.