Internet HSPA

Flat architecture is the ultimate solution for Communication Service Providers faced with the challenge of efficiently dealing with rapid growth in data traffic, whilst improving profitability and end-user experience.

Flat architecture is inbuilt into future technologies, such as Long Term Evolution (LTE), that Nokia Siemens Networks has ported to the existing High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) technology.

The solution began with flattening the existing circuit switched (Release 4) and packet switched core networks (Direct Tunnel). Internet HSPA is the decisive step to complete the simplification process in the radio access network by moving the Radio Network Controller (RNC) functionalities into the base stations, allowing for a unique RNC-less architecture.

The benefits of adopting such a technology are:

  • Advanced service delivery with state-of-the-art download transfer rates, both on HSPA and LTE
  • Fast responsiveness with shorter round trip time for the latest online gaming experience while on the move
  • Identical network architecture and hardware requirements needed for LTE technology. A simple software upgrade for a  smooth migration of Internet HSPA to LTE
  • Dedicated RNC per base station translates to high installed capacity per BTS, removing any potential signaling bottlenecks. I-HSPA is a smart device friendly solution that virtually supports unlimited number of connected smart devices.

Internet HSPA – Network Architecture

Internet HSPA provides both, voice and data, natively. This IP based technology enables the award-winning Flexi Multiradio BTS, three-sector or six-sector based, to be directly connected to the CS and/or PS core, by-passing the RNC. Fewer network elements in a mobile network directly cut down capital expenditure and further reduces the OPEX for activities such as re-homing or continuous network re-dimensioning while adding new base stations or scaling up the RNCs.

Internet HSPA is the 3G flat architecture-based technology that offers a refreshing smart device experience for consumers.