Network of One

Putting the individual at the heart of the business

Traditionally the telcoms business has placed the network at the center of its vision while the end customer is seen at the periphery of the picture as a passive receiver of services. This is no longer the case as the individual experience of each end customer will increasingly drive the success of CSPs.

The ‘Network of One’, provides a long-term view on how Communications Service Providers (CSPs) can holistically transform their infrastructure, operations and business models to enable a truly individual communications experience, while maintaining high efficiency.

Customer needs are changing and growing, broadband is almost everywhere, the Internet already plays a pivotal role in all our daily lives and will drive future profitability and success for CSPs. In transforming to the Network of One, CSPs will be able to take full advantage of all these changes, build a strong position in the resulting ecosystem and create truly individual customer experiences that create greater value to their business.

We have identified six key focus areas for CSPs to begin moving towards the Network of One today:

  • One simplified network: Evolve your network architecture will towards a simple flat, converged,  IP centric architecture (all-IP) allowing much more efficient handling of traffic.
  • One convergent service control: Converge fixed and mobile voice on one IMS based service control infrastructure, enabling rich communications for customers.
  • One view of customer data: consolidate customer data that is today distributed across multiple databases and applications, creating the foundation for developing deep customer insights.
  • One flexible service enablement: drive flexibility in service enablement to allow fast and easy launch and pull down of own and 3rd party services through open API’s.
  • One unified management & charging: consolidate heterogeneous silo management systems into one highly automated system.
  • One business-optimized operation: explore collaboration opportunities such as outsourcing and partnering to drive efficiency and differentiation in your business and service offerings.

Read more on the Network of One (PDF, 23 KB)