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The consortium consists of six (6) partners from five (5) European countries. Each of the partners contributes with their own particular technical and business expertise necessary for the successful accomplishment of the projects objectives. Each partner plays a specific role and its expertise significantly complements with the others’ in order to be able to deploy and demonstrate EuroGene expected benefits. More analytically EuroGene consortium has been formulated to be able to handle all risks involved in the project and at the same time satisfy the following critical success factors:

  • Expertise: The main objective was to gather the expertise required for all project domains. To this end, EuroGene partners generate a unique value by totally complementing each other while limited redundancy is occurred; appropriate to facilitate parallel activities (e.g. pilot operations). The objective of EuroGene work plan and roles assignment activity was to assign responsibilities that can be successfully executed based on the expertise and availability of each partner as described in the following paragraphs.
  • Commitment and Availability: A critical success factor for the project is to achieve 100% commitment of all partners throughout the duration of the project. All partners have clearly understood the value of EuroGene outcomes.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: The customisation and localisation of EuroGene platform and further deployment is a highly serious process and but no deviations are allowed according to the project’s time plan. The partners employ flexible organization structures and fast decision-making processes, in order to be in the position to rapidly react and solve a non-anticipated problem and handle all risks of the project. Moreover, the involved personnel has already been engaged in similar research as well as market validation and business planning activities and has worked within working groups, strict time-schedules and quality standards.
  • Business Expertise: All users are leading players in their sectors. They are familiar with the risks of introducing advanced innovative to Public sector domains as well as the opportunities of addressing Public Sector as their core target-market and are committed to invest in resolving them through a trans-national activity of a wider market impact.
  • Previous Collaboration: It is an advantage for the project that particular sets of partners have been collaborating with each other in previous research and development activities. All partners are familiar with the project management activities, the communication and decision making workflows and more importantly with the operational and technological capabilities, business strategy and operation model and principals of each other. This will enable the project to start and conclude smoothly without delays and to be executed without conflicts and misunderstandings.
  • Matching the roles required in the implementation phase: Last but not least the partners provide for all organizational roles required during the implementation of the project. All roles have been matched and clearly assigned.

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