August 5, 2008 Link Payday

Welcome to your Link Payday for August 5, 2008. I took a vacation during these past couple weeks and traveled halfway across the country and back, but during that time Uncommon Cents didn’t miss a beat and neither did the rest of the personal finance blogosphere, so here are some posts I found interesting over the last couple of weeks:

My fellow cyclist and personal finance blogger, Squawkfox, has released an eBook! It’s her first, it’s free, and it’s called Frugal Food & Fitness: Get fab without spending a fortune. It’s 55 pages long and contains some original material, great photography and frugal yet healthy recipies. It’s available only to Squawkfox subscribers, so if you’re not already checking out her RSS feed, I strongly suggest you start today!

The ever fabulous Kyle of Rather-Be-Shopping is ticked off and lets us know it, but sounds perfectly justified in his article Frugality in Practice: Only Buy What You Can Afford, Please! Trust me, Kyle, I feel the same way. Exactly the same.

David at My Two Dollars brings to us a great and simple rule for personal finance success and shows us how he put it into practice with his great post Following the Rule of 10% is Easy and the Savings Add Up. If everyone in America followed a rule like this, we’d be in so much better shape than we are right now.

Online Savings Blog makes me wish we had Redbox available in the state with their figuring out How to Get Free Movie Rentals at Redbox. It’s exactly the kind of frugal hack that I would love to put into practice!

Finally, one of my favorite bloggers, Mrs. Micah, puts the spotlight on her blog consulting services in the first of a series on blogging, Introducting my Meta Blog and Three Posts on Blogging. If you need help with setting up or otherwise maintaining a blog, I would suggest looking into the services Mrs. Micah has to offer; if she’s half as talented with that as with doing the actual blog, it’ll be worth twice what she charges!

And that’s your Link Payday for August 5, 2008!

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  1. davidon 05 Aug 2008 at 8:25 pm

    Great bunch of links, thanks for including me!

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