Life into Space is an overview of space life sciences research conducted by NASA Ames Research Center and Kennedy Space Center. The 35+ years of research are made accessible for general readers and specialists, alike. The first two volumes in the set, Life into Space, 1965-1990 and Life into Space, 1991-1998, were published by NASA in 1995 and 2000, respectively.

To make the information contained in these volumes more widely available, the Life Sciences Division at NASA Ames Research Center has adapted the print publications for electronic distribution. On this site, each volume is offered in two formats:
     • a Web version for online viewing and searching
     • a downloadable PDF version for printing the books in their original format

In 2005, a third volume, Life into Space, 1996-2003, currently including only appendixes content, was published soley as a Web version. Three years overlap in the second and third volumes. In Life into Space, 1991-1998, only payload profiles were included for 1996-1998. In Life into Space, 1996-2003, complete appendixes content is available for those years.


Volume I - 1965-1990

Volume II - 1991-1998

Volume III - 1998-2003
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