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New: 3/05
has several new stories. Read them here.

has several new Buffy/Angel stories. Read them here.

has several new stories. Read them here.

Toniann has been gracious enough to do some recs for the site.
Read them here.

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Toniann has been gracious enough to do some recs for the site.
Read them here.

 New writers: Featured stories 05/05 (scroll down to see the last update's stories)

- the idiosyncratic stanwyck -

A woman meets a man who opens her eyes to a vast,
unexpected spectrum of beautiful, terrifying possibilities. NC-17 358k
archived 3/05
fran58 - This AU tale is well told, imaginative and entertaining.

- probe -
one thought
one thought part II
one thought part III

What if the faceless rebels hadn't gotten to the frozen alien embyo before Krycek? PG 102k archived 3/05
fran58 - Krycek, Scully, Angst... probe gives us a look at a post-col world governed by fear and hope.

Other recs: stories written by not-so-newbies:

Untitled: Scenes for Quiescence
by Jesemie's Evil Twin
Spoilers: Post-"The Truth"
Category: Shmaltz Bizarro Not rated, but safe

London is Drowning
by Oracle
Mulder lays eyes on the woman of his dreams. Rated R

Big Piney One-Stop
by J. Millington
Written for the January Lyric Wheel challenge. Lyrics at end of the story.
Summary: Paths cross in unexpected ways. Not rated, but safe


by bardsmaid aka The Lone Thinker
Post-col. At a dusty cafe, Scully and Krycek take a momentary break from the work of fighting Occupation. Not rated, but safe

 New writers: Featured stories 11/04 update

- Abbey -
The Drowning Machine

Summary: Mulder and Scully explore the Potomac. A sort of ode to
DC. Angst and UST, I suppose. PG 6k

fran58 - Contempaltive and bordering on poetic.

- probe -
Les mundane for les miserables
Spoilers for The Truth. Post ep. Not rated, but safe 7k
fran58 - Oh, it's the little things that can get to you. This look at life on the road is bittersweet.

Other recs: stories written by not-so-newbies:

Things That Darken You by Rowan Darkstar
"There are some things that change you and there is no
going back." Rated R

Savant by callrachel
Musings of a gifted man. NC-17

Not Everything by Verily
The problem is that even though he can rationalize it, he can't believe in it,
and he feels himself splitting under the strain. Rated R

The Best Ones by Malograntum Vitiorum
Women are like cigarettes. They cost so much, and you pay
it, just to make yourself sick. And in the end, you have no one to
blame but yourself. Rated PG-13ish

The Mix Tape Biographies: A Year in Words by winter baby
Six characters in 155 words, one year later. Rated R

Spooky by bcfan
A Hallowe'en trick and treat. Not rated, but safe


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