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Idris Elba Hackney to Hollywood

Idris Elba got his first acting break as a young boy in Hackney and after some mesmerising, high profile screen performances, is now touted to be the next James Bond. With acting credits as long as they are varied (and a parallel musical career), Elba is hot, hot property in both London and LA. Isabel Appio tracked the busy man down for a special BHM interview.

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A Greener Future

Find out if you could you be a part of the environmental and land-based sector

It's an exciting time to join the environmental and land-based sector.
As the UK strives to increase food production to become more self-sufficient, find greener alternatives to carbon fuels, and combat climate change, there are lots of opportunities to really make a difference and benefit our future generations. But caring for the environment at a local level can also be just as rewarding.

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Breaking the Silence

Growing up in Zimbabwe as a female I was irrelevant. As a lesbian, I was non-existent and my visibility would have cost me jail time, 'corrective' rape, forced marriage, banishment or even my death. Throughout my life in Zimbabwe there was not one single portrayal anywhere of gayness, queerness or lesbianism combined with Africaness. The only person that I had ever heard of being gay was Elton John and even that was spoken of in whispers. Africans it seemed were not gay, and so I had nowhere to place or understand the feelings that were abound within me.

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The Art of African Threading

All over the continent of Africa, hair forms a vital part of body adornment. The human head has historically functioned as a canvas for creativity expressing the individual.

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Gambian Experience

The Gambia may be Africa's smallest (inland) state but as a holiday destination it offers unrivalled culture, history and some world class Rest & Relaxation accommodation. Anne Burge discovered the lure of this wondrous country.

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