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Welcome to my site.
I am a Canadian glass bead maker and jewelry designer.
My site has beads that I have made and jewelry I have designed using my own glass beads, semiprecious stones, bought glass beads and sterling silver and other metals.
I also make a lot of jewelry with just semiprecious stones and sterling silver.

My pieces for sale will tell you the beads I use so that you will know what to expect.
All my prices are in
Canadian funds.  Pay with

January 17th
I have been starting to clean my office because I want replace my desk with a longer one to fit more projects on the table and be able to put lights over my work station because right now my lights on the ceiling are behind me so it has been hard to work for more then an hour in my office before my eyes start hurting.  I had an electrian come in today and give me an estimate.  Well it was more then what I budgeted for but I will work to save the money because in the long run it will be worth it.  He did fix some of the plug-ins in the house with the new ones that kids should not electrocute  themselves with and he did tell me that the plug-ins are more then the regular but I have 'godizlla' who I could see doing just the shoving stuff in holes that do not belong thing.

Like everywhere else we have been getting dumped with snow and it sucks because then I feel like I am shovelling all the time and when it is -20 Celius you don't want to be outside ever long.

I have been packing the boys toys away also and have started listing all the duplo lego we have on ebay to see if someone else would like it.  And some has sold and some I guess I am keeping for later.  I do have a large collection of books to list also because I bought them on ebay in the first place.

yesterday the boys decided they wanted to paint, Quinton gets his paint shirt and Ronan had a meltdown because he does not have one.  Good thing I have a bunch of old shirts so meltdown was averted.

January 4th 2011
So we have had a busy christmas just like everyone else I guess.  I am one step closer to convincing Roy to celebrate ukrainian christmas which is on the 7th because he could actually book that day off and the toys would be WAY cheaper.

Today Ronan and I stopped at the thrift store on the base and I hit the payload... an unused playmobil advent calendar(xmas in the park) for a dollar.  Now I have looked at these for the boys and they are $30.00 so YEah for the stop today.
this is what it will look like when all the toys are opened.  And the music box still works too.
The boys did well for xmas, the hits were the playmobil pirate ships,lego,lego-shave the sheep game, the airport and the zhu zhu pet(for ronan), the race tracks, the big misses were the transformers.  
I am a big player of lego, playmobil and vintage fisher price dollies so the fact the boys will play with these make my day.
I did not make new years resolutions this year but there are some changes I would like to make in my life style so I hope to be able to work on those everyday this year until I can do them without thinking.

More writing by me from the past couple of days inMY VOICE


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Take care
Iona Bailey

21" Catalina necklace
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21" Catalina necklace
This is a 21" copper necklace with handmade glass beads that have a topaz base and mixed purple/amethyst flowers on them.  There are light amethyst swarvoski crystals and fresh water pearls mixed in the beads.

spring fling beads
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spring fling beads
This is a strand with strawberries and flowers.  
There is a blue ladybug, bumble bee and a snail.

The strawberries are a dark red with light green leaves.

The strand measures 5.5" long.

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