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Ohio’s 2014 Governor’s race is ON

Posted by cweiser 12/16/10, 11:05 am

You may have missed this news yesterday, but Attorney General/former Jeopardy! champion Richard Cordray sure sounds like he’s going to run for Governor in 2014.

Richard Cordray

At a Columbus press conference, the 51-year old Cordray – who lost his re-election bid to Republican Mike DeWine – announced that he was headed to Washington work for a new U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

But, the Dispatch noted, Cordray told his new employers: 

“It is my intention that I would run for office in Ohio in 2014.”  He said he “fully expects” he will run for governor, presumably challenging John Kasich at the end of his first term.

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The Associated Press covered it this way:

Cordray said Wednesday his political aspirations have not been squelched: He expects to spend at least one or two years at the federal job ahead of another statewide run, possibly for attorney general but most likely for governor.

“It’s a little premature to say what people will be running for in 2014,” he said during a news conference. “A lot of people have kept an interest in me running for governor, and I suppose attorney general would be a possibility. If that were to come to pass, I would give it my best — and, certainly, do think that there will be better years ahead than this year proved to be for my colleagues in the Democratic Party and myself.”

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