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The Language of Light


This unusual workbook is one of a kind. I was rivetted by the explanation of the Language of Light. The many illustrations and creative formats that help one to create their own Language of Light cards, is phenomenal. This workbook is a breakthrough from the point of bringing into perspective how each one of us can embody more psychic energy.

The mind-drawing activities with each exercise are creative meditations.

I have used some of the exercises in my own workshops and they truly work


Sue Barker, Academy for Art Therapy & The Power of the Mind – Paarl, Western Cape

 This amazing book further develops the Language of Light mentioned in Nadine's novel "The Awakening Clan". Using the Techniques of Mind Drawing, the reader is connected with their own intuitive nature, the Language of their Soul. This is a workbook which explains the Chakra system, how it resonates with your thought patterns and how emotional patterns are established, which affect your later life. Beautifully produced and easy to use, this book is most recommended.


Renaissance Magazine June 2003


The Language of Light is one of those books so completely different to the ordinary and so creatively satisfying that I come back to it time and again, especially if the stresses of the mundane world become too much for me. The concept of 'creative doodling' seems to be little known and may even be unique to this book, but it sure gets your supeficial 'monkey mind' out of the way so that one's Higher Mind can come through with realisations that are ultimately satisfying.

Bonnie Saunders, reader - Somerset West

 I came to this book through the recommendation of a friend and it has become a firm favourite. The author's approach is unique and I confess to initial doubts that plain doodling would offer the answers to life, but soon learned that this form of unstructured drawing leads to clear insights into life's issues. One's inner obstacles seem to magically reduce or disappear! So in the end it is highly recommended. I keep going back to it.


Jessica - reader from Johannesburg

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