McCool, Droopy (Snit)

  • Appeared in:
  • Homeworld:
    Kirdo III
  • Species:
  • Gender:
  • Size:
    1.58 meters
  • Affiliation:
    Max Rebo Band

From the Movies

Droopy McCool was the lead horn-player in the Max Rebo Band. A fat, fleshy biped, Droopy only wore a pair of tan shorts. Droopy had stubby hands, and a pig-like snout that hid his eyes.

From the Expanded Universe

Droopy McCool is the stage name for a lethargic Kitonak from Kirdo III. His real name is a collection of flute-like whistles largely unspeakable to those not familiar with the Kitonak culture. His owner and boss, Evar Orbus, just called him Snit.

Erratic and moody, Snit was possibly the strangest of an already strange ensemble. When he was freed from his contract by the untimely demise of Orbus, Snit asked his fellow band-mates to call him by the colorfully bizarre name "Droopy McCool."

He would often weather bouts of melancholy and a longing to rejoin his people. It was then that mournful notes would stream from his chidinkalu horn. While on Tatooine, McCool was convinced that he heard the distant call of other Kitonaks out in the desert wastes. After the death of Jabba and the break-up of the Max Rebo Band, Droopy went to wander the deserts in search of his cousins. He was never seen again.

Behind the Scenes

For the original Return of the Jedi and new footage shot for the Special Edition release, Droopy McCool was a played by a little person in a full body suit.

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