Kima Global Books

We offer an unique range of body, mind, apirit books including practical esoterics, self-development, spirituality, planetary issues and fiction. Quick, safe and economical delivery.


Where are your books manufactured?
  • Our South Africa and distribution titles are made in South Africa and held in stock in our warehouse in Cape Town.
  • Our International titles are printed in the UK to supply the UK and Europe and in the USA to supply the USA and Canada.
Where can I buy your books?
  • In South Africa from all major book shops and selected independents. This includes Exclusive Books (all branches), Wordsworth Books, Adams Booksellers, and independents such as Enchanted Forest, House of Isis, (JHB) Wizards Warehouse (CPT), Destiny Books (DBN), Fogartyís (PE) and The Wisdom Cave (CPT)
  • From our website and also from our network website
  • International titles are available from all major UK and USA book shops through Ingrams, Gardners, and Bertrams.
  • International titles are listed on amazon, amazon UK and Alibris (
Who are your authors?
  • Our authors hail from South Africa where we support local authors in our field, and globally from the USA and the UK. Their web sites may be found on our web site under links
What marketing do you do?
  • We exhibit at various trade fairs and markets locally and overseas. These include Natural & Organic Products in CPT and JHB, Celebrate Life (CPT), the Holistic Lifestyle Fair (CPT) and the Frankfurt International Book Fair. (DE).
  • We also try to get our authors exposure on such shows through speaking slots.
  • We advertise in selected magazines such as Odyssey, Renaissance, linkup, and BioPhile.
  • We occasionally get our authors interviewed on the radio or TV.
What do you do to market the authors?
    • We concentrate on marketing the authorís book/s. Personal promotion is the responsibility of the author
Getting Published:
Do you have limitations as to what you publish?
  • We only publish Body, Mind, Spirit titles by authors who have some sort of public profile such as their own website, newsletter, database, public speakers or trainers.
  • Minimum copy length is 70,000 words, maximum 140,000 words.
  • Authors are required to pre-order 100 copies of their book to be sold through their own resources at retail price. Authors receive a trade discount of 40% on all further orders.
When are royalties payable?
  • Royalties are payable on all copies sold through bookshops or through our or other web sites or at fairs. Royalties are also payable on all copies bought by the author except the first 100 copies. Royalties are paid twice a year.
Who owns the copyright?
  • The author retains the copyright on the book at all times. Kima Global merely has the right to publish it. (in hard copy and electronically) The print rights return to the author if the book goes out of print.
How to get published?visit our publishing website:kimaglobalpublishers