Chris Burden

White Light/White Heat
February 8 – March 1, 1975
Videotape Premiere
Selections 1971-74

March 8 – March 29, 1975

Installation view

Relic from "White Light White Heat,
section of platform marked for each day

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White Light/White Heat

February 8-March 1, 1975

Chris Burden will appear in the gallery for the duration of the exhibition.

A conceptual artist, living in California, Chris Burden has achieved international attention for his investigations of psychological and social experience through the execution of body-oriented performance pieces. Basic to much of the work presented is the idea of risk and learning directly through the activity of creation.

In his own words Chris Burden said, "For my one-man show at Ronald Feldman, I requested that a large triangular platform be constructed in the southeast corner of the gallery. The platform was ten feet above the floor and two feet below the ceiling; the outer edge measured eighteen feet across. The size and height of the platform were determined by the requirement that I be able to lie flat without being visible from any point in the gallery. For twenty-two days, the duration of the show, I lay on the platform. During the entire piece, I did not eat, talk, or come down. I did not see anyone, and no one saw me."

Videotape Premiere
Selections 1971-74

March 8- March 29, 1975

The videotape consists of excerpts of pieces from 1971-74 with a narration by the artist. It is one hour, black and white and color.

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