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PAC-MAN Plus features new treats to eat, new ghosts to chomp, and invisible mazes! Beware as ghosts that match the maze color are immune to Power Pellets! Gobble up food to turn the ghosts blue and edible, but the ghosts, maze, and dots might disappear! Eat invisible items and rack up big points!
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  • PAC-MAN Plus includes new types of fruit to eat, new ghosts to chomp and mazes that turn invisible!
  • Chomp on invisible items and earn quadruple the points.
  • Enjoy new maze colors and ghosts to match.
  • New food powers can turn ghosts blue and edible and can make the ghosts, dots and maze disappear.
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  • Watch for what turns invisible when you eat fruit. Ghosts and dots could both be worth much more.
  • If the color of the maze matches the color of a ghost, he is immune to the power pellets, but the fruit will always work.
  • Try turning slightly before you reach the next maze intersection.
  • PAC-MAN moves slightly more slowly when eating dots than otherwise, so if you need to outrun a ghost hot on your tail, go for a path you’ve already cleared, otherwise they may overtake you!
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