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Welcome to Unique Designs by Sandy Marcil or Esther-Sands Original Designs.

My Name is Sandy and these are my designs.


Now you can find me at www.sandymarcil.com

My Oh My Shops

Look for me on facebook. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?tab=5#/pages/Unique-Designs-by-Sandy-Marcil/121195909320?ref=share



My Freeform

11 Photos

Copper Wire Work

3 Photos

My Style Fringes

73 Photos

My Bead Embroidery

55 Photos

My Wire Wrap

28 Photos

My Bead Stringing

77 Photos

My Cloth Dolls

9 Photos

My Knitting

5 Photos

My Commission Work
Commissioned Work

3 Photos

Our Kids
Kid pictures

20 Photos

Favorite Links
Favorite Links

3 Photos

1 Photos