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27 Jan 2011 02:25 GMT
State department spokesman says US wants peaceful change and more freedoms in Egypt.
Firas Al-Atraqchi 29 Jan 2011 00:30 GMT
For young Egyptians, long-dormant patriotism and pride have been finally awakened.
Mark LeVine 27 Jan 2011 13:07 GMT
Professor Mark LeVine interviews journalist and blogger Hossam el-Hamalawy on the situation in Egypt.
Mark LeVine 28 Jan 2011 12:36 GMT
US appears to shy away from talk about democracy in Middle East, despite historic anti-government rallies in ally Egypt.
Alaa Bayoumi 26 Jan 2011 13:49 GMT
Inspired by the Tunisian example, Egyptians take to the streets in their own protest. But can it last?
Ahmed Moor 26 Jan 2011 11:27 GMT
Ahmed Moor spent one tumultuous afternoon with protesters in central Cairo, where he found that the 'Arabs are alive.'
He took the White House armed with hope and promise of change, but has Obama already been beaten down by Washington?
Last Modified: 25 Jan 2011 18:55 GMT
Senior official apparently cutting short defence talks as unrest sweeps his country.
Last Modified: 28 Jan 2011 23:34 GMT
Egypt goes off the digital map as authorities unplug the country entirely from the internet ahead of protests.
Last Modified: 28 Jan 2011 09:12 GMT
Government blocks internet and mobile services ahead of planned protests against President Mubarak's 30-year rule.
Last Modified: 28 Jan 2011 10:45 GMT
Army reportedly on the streets of Cairo as curfew is imposed from 6pm to 7am local time.
Last Modified: 28 Jan 2011 16:40 GMT
Internet and SMS services reportedly disrupted and Muslim Brotherhood members arrested ahead of planned demonstrations.
Last Modified: 28 Jan 2011 07:26 GMT
After the Egyptian government banned further protests, they continue to rage on.
Last Modified: 27 Jan 2011 13:47 GMT
Democracy advocate returns to country to join anti-Mubarak protests, the latest of which has claimed one life.
Last Modified: 27 Jan 2011 23:20 GMT
Police post in city of Suez burnt down as angry protests continue to erupt despite security crackdown.
Last Modified: 27 Jan 2011 18:21 GMT
Tear gas used to disperse thousands of demonstrators in central Cairo after a day of protests against the government.
Last Modified: 26 Jan 2011 07:50 GMT

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