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The "Official" Web Site For The 1970 Mustang Mach 1, 1970 Torino Cobra, 1970 Ranchero, 2008/2009 Mustang GT Twister Special's and 1985 Mustang GT Twister II's.

Contains Documentation, Invoice Copies and Pictures Including the Ten(10) American Raceways, Inc.(ARI) Pace Cars That Were Produced as Combination Package With The 1970 Twister Special Project. Select "Twister/ARI Photos & Invoice Copies" For More Information.


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07/28/2010 - Added 2008 Twister Special Convertible

 R&A Production VIN 96


07/31/2010 - Added 1970 Twister Torino


This site Created and Maintained by Terry Fritts, referred to as "Mr Twister" by Mustang Monthly Magazine and "The World's Foremost Twister Special Authority" by Automotive Photo Journalist Tom Shaw.

This site contains facts, magazine articles, photos and invoice copies obtained from public sources and published articles since 1981, after 40+ years of extensive searching for information about the Twister's.

All the 1970 and 1985 Twister Special's were built for, and sold exclusively by dealers within Ford's Kansas City District Sales Office (DSO 53), which in 1970 included Kansas, Missouri and the Northwest corner of Arkansas.

The Twister's were a combined project utilizing the designs of the American Raceway's(ARI) pace cars.  None of the pace cars were ever converted to Twister Special's as erroneously stated in some magazine articles and web sites.

There were (96), 1970 Mustang Mach 1 Twister Special's, (90), 1970 Torino Cobra Twister Special's and (4) Ranchero Twister's.  The Mustang's were all Grabber Orange, the Torino's & Ranchero's were  Vermilion.

There were ten(10) American Raceways, Inc. pace cars produced as part of this combined project.  Five Mach 1's and five convertibles.  All five of the convertibles have been located.  At this time only one of the Mach 1's has been found.

In 1985 there were (90) Mustang GT Twister II's produced in four colors, hardtop & convertibles. 

The 2008/2009 Mustang GT "Twister Special's" produced will come in both coupe's and convertible's. Like 1970's, they will be available in any color you want,,,, so long as it's "Grabber Orange." 

      (See "Production/Registry Figures" page for complete details on all versions.) 

ALL TWISTER SPECIAL'S produced by Ford Motor Company were done in the 1970 and 1985 model years only.  No Twister was ever built by the factory in any other year! All 1970 Mustang VIN's start with 0F05("M" or "R") and 118XXX serial number and have consecutive numbers.  All 1970 Torino Cobra VIN's start with 0A38J and 13XXXX with two(2) groups of consecutive serial numbers.  The 1985 Twister II's had varying Ford serial numbers.

 The 2008/2009 Mustang GT Twister's being produced by R&A Motorsports will have varying Ford serial numbers along with unique R&A production VIN's.

I have considerable more articles and documentation than can be published on this web site.  Click the "documentation" button on the left to see what is currently available.

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