Snitkin, Pote

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    Vibro-ax, blaster pistol
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From the Movies

One of Jabba's henchmen, the driver of the escort skiff that accompanied the execution party into the Dune Sea was named Pote Snitkin. The burly alien had wrinkled gray warty skin, three-fingered hands, and a face lined with four pairs of stubby breathing tubes. Snitkin perished when Luke Skywalker dramatically escaped from capture and cut through Jabba's ranks with his lightsaber.

From the Expanded Universe

On the lam from the Corporate Sector, Snitkin fled from authorities chasing him down for industrial espionage. He hooked up with Bib Fortuna in Mos Eisley, and impressed the Twi'lek by delivering a cache of Imperial munitions to Jabba the Hutt.

Since that time, the Skrilling gun-runner supplied many in Jabba's rancid retinue with deadly tools of the trade. His handiwork forged a bitter rivalry with Hermi Odle, the other weapons supplier in Jabba's palace.

Behind the Scenes

During production, Pote Snitkin was nicknamed Snit Plotkin. Some sources describe Snitkin as being stunned by Hermi Odle and left to perish aboard the sail barge, but Return of the Jedi clearly shows Snitkin aboard the second skiff when Skywalker leaps aboard.

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