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Egypt Air
Main Information

CEO Photo

Date of Establishment: 1932
Date of joining AACO: 1965
Owned by: Public Sector
CEO: Eng. Hussein Massoud, Chairman & CEO - EgyptAir Holding Company

Head Office
Mailing Address: Egyptair Adminsterial Complex
Middle Bldg. 3rd Floor
Airport Road
P.O. Box 11776 - Egypt
Operator Telephone: +202-22674700
Fax : +202-26353861/26359316
Internet Address:
ENG. HUSSEIN MASSOUD   Chairman&CEO; - EgyptAir Holding Company  CAIZZMS   +202-22674650   +202-24183715  
CAPT. ALAA ASHOUR  Chairman EgyptAir Airline  CAIAZMS   +202-22681730   +202-26964996  
CAPT. ASSAD DARWISH  Chairman EgyptAir Cargo  CAIFZMS   +202-22674529   +202-22681974  
ENG. ABDEL AZIZ FADEL  Chairman EgyptAir Maint&Eng.;  CAIEZMS  +202-22674512   +202-22676050  
ENG. MOSTAFA ELGAMAL  Chairman - EgyptAir Flight Services  CAIHZMS   +202-22691922   +202-22677040  
ENG. ABD El HAMID EID  Chairman EGYPTAIR Ground Services  CAIGZMS   +202-26964400   +202-22691793  
MR. MAHMOUD HAMED  Chairman EGYPTAIR Tourism&Free; Shop    +202-26963381   +202-26963399  
MR. ABDEL SALAM HELMY  Chairman - EgyptAir Medical Services    +202-24184306   +202-24170801  
MR. ABOBAKR MAHMOUD  Chairman - EgyptAir Suppl. Industry Comp    +202-26964081   +202-22671577  
CAPT. HELMY REZK  Chairman - EgyptAir Express  CAIYXMS   +202-6964833   +202-26964840  
ENG. SAYED AYOUB  VP IT  CAIDPMS   +202-26964600   +202-26964695  
CAPT. BASEM GOHAR   VP Safety & Quality  CAIKAMS   +202-2696 3851   +202-2696 3854  
CAPT. ESSAM GAMAL EL DIN   VP Security  CAISYMS   +202-22692606   +202-26963169  
MR. MOHAMED MOSTAFA  VP Finance    +202-26963400   +202-22689123  
CAPT. HISHAM ELNAHAS  VP Flight Operations  CAIOPMS   +202-22656002   +202-22656051  
MR. SAFWAT MOSALM  VP Alliance & International Relations    +202-26963750   +202-22691183  
MR. SHERIF EL MAGHLOUB  VP Commercial  CAIGCMS   +202-22691989   +202-22677760  
CAPT. EL MOTASEM BELLAH AHMED  VP Training  CAITGMS   +202-22674660   +202-22674658  
MR. MAGDY RAGHEB  VP General Planning    +202-26964051   +202-22681746  
MRS. YOUSSRIA RAGAB  GM Publicity & Information  CAIPCMS   +202-25918430   +202-25905226  
CAPT. IHAB ELTAHTAWI  GM Planning  CAIMRMS   +202-26963100   +202-22902677  
MR. IBRAHIM ABDRABO  GM Public Relations  CAIPRMS   +202-22657050   +202-26547051  
MR. IHSAN HAMAD  GM Market Research    +202-26964260   +202-269642652  
MR. MOHAMED SOLIMAN  GM Intenational Relations  CAIGAMS   +202-26963755   +202-22663775  
MR. ASHRAF ABDELHAKIM  Director Int. & Regional Organizations    +202-26963758   +202-22691183  
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Main Information Management Fleet


A300B4-200F CF6-50C2 SU-BDG 1982 Owned
A300B4-200F CF6-50C2 SU-GAC 1983 Owned
A300-600F PW4158 SU-GAY 1991 Owned
A300-600F PW4158 SU-GAS 1990 Owned
A320-200 V2500-A1 SU-GCL 1992 Owned
A320-200 V2500-A1 SU-GBA 1991 Owned
A320-200 V2500-A1 SU-GBB 1991 Owned
A320-200 V2500-A1 SU-GBC 1991 Owned
A320-200 V2500-A1 SU-GBD 1991 Owned
A320-200 V2500-A1 SU-GBE 1991 Owned
A320-200 V2500-A1 SU-GBF 1993 Owned
A320-200 V2500-A1 SU-GBG 1993 Owned
A320-200 V2527-A5 SU-GBZ 2003 Lease Finance
A320-200 V2527-A5 SU-GCA 2003 Lease Finance
A320-200 V2527-A5 SU-GCB 2003 Lease Finance
A320-200 V2527-A5 SU-GCC 2003 Lease Finance
A320-200 V2527-A5 SU-GCD 2003 Lease Finance
A321-200 V2533-A5 SU-GBT 1997 Owned
A321-200 V2533-A5 SU-GBU 1997 Owned
A321-200 V2533-A5 SU-GBV 1997 Owned
A321-200 V2533-A5 SU-GBW 1997 Owned
A330-200 TRENT 772B SU-GCE 2004 Lease Finance
A330-200 TRENT 772B SU-GCF 2004 Lease Finance
A330-200 TRENT 772B SU-GCG 2005 Owned
A330-200 TRENT 772B SU-GCH 2005 Owned
A330-200 TRENT 772B SU-GCI 2005 Owned
A330-200 TRENT 772B SU-GCJ 2005 Owned
A330-200 TRENT 772B SU-GCK 2006 Owned
A340-200 CFM56-5C3G4 SU-GBM 1996 Owned
A340-200 CFM56-5C3G4 SU-GBN 1996 Owned
A340-200 CFM56-5C3G4 SU-GBO 1997 Owned
B737-500 CFM56-3C-1 SU-GBH 1991 Owned
B737-500 CFM56-3C-1 SU-GBJ 1991 Owned
B737-500 CFM56-3C-1 SU-GBK 1992 Owned
B737-500 CFM56-3C-1 SU-GBL 1992 Owned
B737-800 CFM56-7B26 SU-GCM 2006 Owned
B737-800 CFM56-7B26 SU-GCN 2006 Owned
B737-800 CFM56-7B26 SU-GCO 2007 Owned
B737-800 CFM56-7B26 SU-GCP 2007 Owned
B737-800 CFM56-7B26 SU-GCS 2008 Owned
B737-800 CFM56-7B26 SU-GCZ 2009 Owned
B737-800 CFM56-7B26 SU-GDA 2009 Lease Finance
B737-800 CFM56-7B26 SU-GDB 2009 Lease Finance
B737-800 CFM56-7B26 SU-GDC 2009 Lease Finance
B737-800 CFM56-7B26 SU-GDD 2009 Lease Finance
B737-800 CFM56-7B26 SU-GDE 2009 Lease Finance
B777-200ER PW4090 SU-GBP 1997 Owned
B777-200ER PW4090 SU-GBR 1997 Owned
B777-200ER PW4090 SU-GBS 1997 Owned
B777-200ER PW4090 SU-GBX 2001 Owned
B777-200ER PW4090 SU-GBY 2001 Owned
ERJ170LR CFM34-8E SU-GCT 2007 Owned
ERJ170LR CFM34-8E SU-GCU 2007 Owned
ERJ170LR CF34-8E5 SU-GCV 2007 Owned
ERJ170LR CF34-8E5 SU-GCW 2007 Owned
ERJ170LR CF34-8E5 SU-GCX 2007 Owned
ERJ170LR CF34-8E5 SU-GCY 2007 Owned
ERJ170LR CF34-8E5 SU-GDF 2008 Owned
ERJ170LR CF34-8E5 SU-GDG 2009 Owned
ERJ170LR CF34-8E5 SU-GDH 2009 Owned
ERJ170LR CF34-8E5 SU-GDI 2009 Owned
ERJ170LR CF34-8E5 SU-GDJ 2009 Owned
ERJ170LR CF34-8E5 SU-GDK 2009 Owned