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Bob Almond
January 2008-present Founder/Director/

Daniel Best
Journalist/Columnist) January 2008-present
Web host/Site Writer

Jim Tournas
January 2008-present
Fundraising/Site Creator/
Wizard Liaison

Bob Shaw
(Art Rep & Dealer) November 2008-present
Auctions/Fundraising/ CAF Gallery/Forum

Nathan Massengill
July 2009-present

(December 2008- June 2009)
Committee Member Member Emeritus
Ad Infinitum (Deceased)

(January 2008- July 2008)
Past Founding Committee Member/
Hall of Fame Nominator

(January 2008- August 2008)
Past Founding Committee Member


Mike Marts
(DC Comics Editor) February 2008-present

Adam Hughes (Writer/Artist) February 2008-present

Ethan Van Sciver
January 2010-present

Mark Brooks
June 2010-present

Mike McKone
July 2010-present

Sal Velluto
July 2010-present

Trevor Von Eeden
July 2010-present

In memory of
Dave Simons
Member Emeritus
Ad Infinitum


Adam Hughes
Writer, Penciller


Senior DC Editor
Michael Marts...


Message From Bob Almond  UPDATED 3/23/10

Bob Almond

Look out 2010, the Inkwells are BACK!

We're back for 2010, BIGGER and BETTER than ever, baby!!  Typical hyperbole?  In many cases, the answer would be yes but not so this time here at Inkwell headquarters, dear friends.).


What Is Inking?

Inking is the craft of enhancing an illustration through the means of redrawing pencil lines with ink and its related tools.  This enhancing, or 'ink editing', would elaborate in the areas of, but not limited to, weight, space, depth, definition, contrast, texture, composition and design.

This is not to be confused with Digital Inking, the art of using a computer drawing tablet with a pressure sensitive stylus, to produce the digitally simulated effect of inking or Digital Darkening, often called by the misnomer 'digital inking', which does not emulate inking but simply alters and darkens the already-existing pencil lines within a scanned file with a computer program like Photoshop.

For More info look here

15/02/2010: Introducing The INKERS DATABASE

Introducing the Inkwell Awards Inkers Database!The database is a work in progress and hopes to identify every professional artist who has provided inks in American comic books.  Naturally the list is far from complete and additions and corrections to this list can be sent to the Inkwell Awards Committee, or to Bob directly.It is hoped that this databse will go on to become the definitive guide for anyone and everyone wishing to know about inkers and their credits.



To make a small donation to help support the Inkwell Awards,  You can use this PayPal Link.





Inkwell Awards Founder Bob Almond and Ms. Inkwell will be at the grand re-opening of New England Comics in Brockton, MA on January 22, 2011! Click for more details


The 2010 Inkwell Awards results have been posted. Please click the "Results" Button to see the winners.


Jon D'Agostino

The Inkwell Awards regrets the passing of Archie Comics Ink artist Jon D'Agostino.


Mike Esposito.jpg

It was reported by a friend of Irene Esposito that artist Mike Esposito has passed away. The inkwell Awards passes on its condolences to the Esposito family. Danny Best has posted a few words about Mike's career on his blog.


The Inkwell Awards passes on its sincere condolences to ink artist legend Dan Adkins for the loss of his wife, Janet.


The Voting Results have been Announced! The Inkwells extend a congratulations to all award recipients. We will upload the 2010 results page here at the website as soon as we can.


With regret, The Inkwell Awards have cancelled what was to be their first live awards ceremony at Wizardworld: New England in Boston at the Hynes Convention Center scheduled on Saturday the 16th as recently announced.
A sincere apology to all who were planning on attending.  The voting results will still be announced online that weekend.


The WW: New England Comic Con and Live Awards Ceremony Update!

The Inkwell Awards are going to Boston with new Ms. Inkwell models, a new and exclusive collectible, and a ceremony where the inkers get all-star treatment on October 16th!

The 3rd Annual Round Table Interview!

Charles E. Sellner goes round & round again with Inkwell members Dan Panosian, Ernie Pelletier, Mark McKenna, Bob Almond, Bob Shaw, Jimmy Tournas, Daniel Best, Tom Schloendorn, and Joltin' Joe Sinnott!

New York Conventions exchanged!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, The Inkwell Awards will regrettably not be attending the Wizardworld: Big Apple show in New York on October 1-3. However, on the following weekend of October 8-10, the organization will make an official stop at New York Comic Con at the Jacob Javits Center with Ms. Inkwell in tow and several guest artists located at their booth. The Wizardworld: New England show is not affected and will remain an official stop for the non-profit including the first Wizard-sponsored, live awards ceremony at the Hynes Convention center on the weekend of October 15-17 with their spokesmodel and Joe Sinnott as keynote speaker.

2010 Inkwell Awards voting to commence on August 15/ Awards ceremony in October!

For the third successive year the Inkwell Awards will post their ballot for voting online on the website on August 15 until one month later on September 15.  Anyone can vote whether they be a fan or an industry professional.  As previously reported, the 2010 Nomination Committee made up of various respected industry professionals, was chosen last fall/winter and they voted on nominees for the ballot this past spring.  Previously the ballot had been posted during the spring and then the summer, respectively, but this year, in order to coordinate the voting period to precede the live awards ceremony that takes place in October, they had to adjust their schedule.  The ceremony will be sponsored by Wizard Entertainment and take place at Wizardworld: New England (Boston) at the Hynes Convention Center on the weekend of October 15-17 (

 It will be emcee'd by IA founder Bob Almond and the organization's Hall of Fame namesake, Joltin' Joe Sinnott, will preside as keynote speaker, and a question and answer session will take place with the award winners.  Other IA committee members and ambassadors will be in attendance and spokesperson Ms. Inkwell, as played by model Chrissy Cutler, will also be appearing at the event.

Mike McKone, Sal Velluto, and Trevor Von Eeden join the Inkwell Awards!

The Inkwell Awards wants to welcome aboard artists Mike McKone (Avengers Academy, Teen Titans), Sal Velluto (The Phantom, Black Panther), and Trevor Von Eeden (The Original Johnson, Black Lightning) as new ambassadors for the non-profit organization to help support and promote it's mission. They join previous ambassadors editor Mike Marts and artists Adam Hughes, Ethan Van Sciver and Mark Brooks.  IA founder Bob Almond said  "Having these respected creative forces on the front lines is a huge deal for us as their names augment us in the areas of credibility, exposure, and fundraising.  While all are notable pencillers, they recognize and appreciate the importance of quality comic book inking and they themselves have inked much of their own work."


Adrienne Colan, R.I.P.

“The Inkwell Awards were deeply saddened today to hear of the loss of Adrienne Colan.  Adrienne was a strong supporter of creators and fans alike, and those who had the opportunity to meet her at conventions and functions will remember her as a warm, genuine person and a devoted and loving spouse to her husband.  Adrienne is survived by her husband, Gene Colan, and her two children.  Everyone connected with the Inkwell Awards offer their deepest sympathies to Gene and his family during this most difficult of times.”

Heroes Con donations on eBay!

The first auctions started last week and end tomorrow...but lots more are on the way! This week saw generous donations from the likes Frank Cho, Adam Hughes, Kelly Yates, Mike Lilly, Tim Vigil, and David Bancroft! So please bookmark the page and check out the weekly listings at our ebay shop.

AL WILLIAMSON (1931 – 2010)

Al Williamson

Al Williamson was one of the genuine greats of the comic book world, and, much like Frank Frazetta (a Williamson admirer) he was just too good for the medium in which he worked.  Al was a true visionary, from his early days at EC through to his groundbreaking work on Flash Gordon and beyond.  A lot of people in my generation got to know Al through his stunning work on the Star Wars newspaper strip, work that prompted George Lucas to declare Al as one of his favourite comic book artists, as did the likes of Harlan Ellison, John Prentice and many more.  Al’s legacy is that of a stunning all round artist and an inker who managed to make anyone and everyone not only look better, but also assisted them in growing as an artist.  Al Williamson inspired everyone to work harder and better, and he is, rightfully, cited an influence and inspiration for generations of comic book artists, and fine artists, from William Stout through to Alan Weiss through to John Romita Jr through to Ross Andru through to Jimmy Palmiotti and beyond.  Al Williamson was a giant in the industry and the likes of him and his stunning fine line, heavily detailed, no wasted strokes artwork may never be seen again.  The comic book industry is a poorer place with the loss of Al Williamson, but better because he graced many books with his beautiful art.

Daniel Best

Charlotte Con Visit a Success

The Inkwell Awards made their first visit down south to the legendary Charlotte, NC Heroes Con on June 4-6 and it was undoubtedly a resounding success.  This event marked the second appearance of their spokesperson Ms. Inkwell, this time portrayed by model Hanna Pawlowska. Another exciting development is the recruitment of superstar Marvel artist Mark Brooks to the team as the newest ambassador to lend his name to the organization is support. For more info and photos, please read the press release HERE.

Ms. Inkwell

Schedule Changes for Ms. Inkwell

Regrettably, the scheduled plans for The Inkwell Awards to have a booth manned by the Ms. Inkwell spokesmodel at Heroes Con June 4-6 won't be a reality. Bob Almond said "We worked it until the 11th hour but when our model options ran out we didn't have a full-time volunteer to man the booth that promoter Shelton Drum generously offered us and by then there wasn't any more extra tables in artist alley to give to us for the show. So I will bring the banners and limited merchandise but I will not have much space for the non-profit material as I'll only have my one table for myself. This is a personal disappointment for me as this venue will have the largest collection of Inkwell Awards members and contributors past and present to date in residence. Special thanks to our model liaison Louis Small for going above and beyond and Dustin Harbin and Shelton for their invaluable assistance and tolerance."

The next official Inkwell Awards shows with Chrissy Cutler as Ms. Inkwell in attendance will be NYC at Wizardworld: Big Apple on October 1-3 and Boston at WW: New England October 15-17, which will also be the site of the first ever live awards ceremony.

The Inkwell Awards announces the first Dave Simons Scholarship recipient 

On May 14 the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art revealed information and photos regarding their 2010 Scholarship Ceremony.  Among the many winners, second year student Carli Idhe was the first recipient of the Dave Simons Inkwell Memorial Scholarship Fund sponsored by the Inkwell Awards.   "Carli is a very talented 20 year old from Green Bay, WI, who currently has a Cumulative QPA of 3.6 at the Kubert School. Her inking samples were selected from about 20 submissions by members of our faculty of professionals" said Michael Chen, Kubert School Special Projects Coordinator.


WW: New England Con (IA live awards ceremony) rescheduled!

Wizard World CEO Gareb Shamus today announced changes to three of the events on the North American Wizard World Comic Con tour!

NEW YORK, May 17, 2010 – Wizard World CEO Gareb Shamus today announced changes to three of the events on the North American Wizard World Comic Con tour. The Big Apple Comic Con will be held on Oct. 1-3 at the newly renovated Penn Plaza Pavilion in New York City. The new dates for the New England Comic Con are now Oct. 15-17 at the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center in Boston, and the New Jersey Comic Con will move to a date to be announced shortly.

Click HERE for more info.

10/4/2010: Inkwell Awards fundraising auctions resume!

These will consist of our donations from North East Comic Con, Boston Comic Con and then the following weeks after that, Pittsburgh Comic Con and Granite State Con!

Click here for the EBAY link.

10/4/2010: New 2010 Donation book to debut at Boston Con

On April 10-11 at the Boston Comic Con The Inkwell Awards will introduce their second Donation Book, collecting every single donation on file to date from the artist community for the charity.  

For more info CLICK HERE.

10/4/2010: 2010 Nominating Committee revealed!

Repeating the process initiated last year, the Inkwell Awards has selected several professionals from among the community to act as Nominators to nominate their favorite ink artists from work in the year 2009 befitting the five categories on the ballot.

For a full rundown of our industry participants please CLICK HERE.

28/03/2010: DICK GIORDANO:

Bob Layton has sadly announced the passing of legend and 2009 Hall Of Fame winner Dick Giordano today, at the age of 77.  Dick's vision and drive was unique in the comic book industry and he will be deeply missed.  The Inkwell offer their condolences to Dick's family.Dick was more than a mere inker, he was a mentor to many in the comic book industry and his passing has left an irreplaceable hole.



Debuting at the Pittsburgh Comicon on April 23-24 will be our new spokesperson, the delightful Ms. Inkwell!  Conceptualized by Bob Almond and designed by fan-favorite artist Randy Green, Ms Inkwell will appear on all Inkwell related future promotional material as well as exclusive prints, t-shirts and other merchandise.  

Model Chrissy Cutler will make live appearances as the character front person at upcoming shows like the Wizardworld Big Apple and New England Cons besides Pittsburgh Con, and tentatively Heroes Con, where she will take photos with fans, sell autographed photos, raffle tickets, all for fundraising, and hand out brochures.  Coming soon: a page dedicated to the character!  

For more info, please see our full announcement here.


Two high quality prints, 'Atomic Robo' by Blake Wilkie and 'Tribute to Dave Simons' by Mark Poe are available for anyone who donates $25 (cash only donation) or over to the Dave Simons Inkwell Memorial Scholarship.


Long-time DC Comics editor/artist Dick Giordano is in the hospital and is very ill, Well wishers can send cards and letters to him c/o Florida Hospital Oceanside, 264 S. Atlantic Ave., Ormond Beach, FL 32176

21/02/2010: Wizard/New England Comic Con Support the Inkwell Awards

Gareb Shamus, CEO of New York based Wizard Entertainment, confirms today the dates and venue for the recently purchased New England Comic Con.

For the first time, the Inkwell Awards will present their 2010 trophies live at New England Comic Con. Previously the Inkwell Awards were announced only online. The winners will be presented their trophies and then take part in a Q&A session with fans.


07/02/2010: Dave Simons: A Tribute

"To use a time honoured cliché, a person like Dave Simons comes along once in a generation.  Dave was one of those rare people, he loved to draw and more importantly, he loved to talk to people and loved to help them.  From the start of his career at Marvel to the end of his days, Dave was always there, hustling away to see not only what kind of a deal he could get but how could it benefit others.  But I digress, but only slightly." 

You can read the rest of the Inkwell Awards Tribute to Dave Simons by visiting the link below.


1/2/2010: New Inkwell Ambassador: Ethan Van Sciver

Joining the ranks of editor Mike Marts and artist Adam Hughes is super-star creator Ethan Van Sciver (Green Lantern/ Flash/ New X-men) as a new Inkwell Awards ambassador!

Click here for the press release.

16/01/2010: HALL OF FAME PAGES

In an all-new feature, the Inkwell Awards proudly presents the INKWELL HALL OF FAME.  This section of the site will lead to testimonials on all of the Inkwell Joe Sinnott/Hall Of Fame award winners and each new member of the Hall of Fame will be granted a page of their own, with art and comments from some of the giants of the comic book industry.



You can read an archive of all our old news at this page, so if you missed something then feel free to browse.

06/15/2009: Official INKWELL Forum

THE INKWELL and INKERS.ORG join forces to bring you an all new forum for inkers, fans and professionals alike to gather and share your thoughts, experiences and views on the industry and art in general.  Come and join in the conversation.