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��tis an elegant thing,
which cheareth up the mind,
execiseth the body,
delights the spectators,
which teacheth many comply gestures,
equally affecting the ears, eys, and soul it self.�

Junior, Democritus (1840) The Anatomy of Melancholy, Thomas Tegg. London.
Printed from the Authorized Copy of 1651, with the author�s last corrections, additions.

When I first started in the Society for Creative Anachronisms (SCA) I was told that English Country Dances weren't 'period'.  For these purposes 'period' means the dances have been traced back to the 16th century.  I was later told that the English didn't dance.  Then I was informed that the English only danced the Old Measures, galliards, and Italian dances.  I didn't believe these things, and thought that I needed to research it for myself.  After all, where did English Country Dancing come from, if not from England?  From that point on, I started to research the origins of English Country Dances.  For more information on where to start this sort of research, e-mail me.          

This website provides proof, found through literary references, that these dances were known and performed as dances prior to Playford/Young's records.  This is not to say that they are the same exact dances as were recorded.  However, it is my belief that they are predecessors to the dances that were recorded from 1651 - 1728.

For the purposes of this website, it is understood that the dances that were published in each volume of The [English] Dancing Master are not necessarily the original dances.  Dances with the same name have been documented from before the publication of the first edition of The [English] Dancing Master, in 1651, and even prior to the death of Elizabeth I in 1603. 

Therefore, for the purposes of this research, it has been concluded that those dances evolved into the dances published in The [English] Dancing Master.

As with all good research projects, this has morphed to include:

1) Dances that were done in England, but were not recorded in the books Playford published.  Those dances can be located in the 'Non-Playford Dances' section.
2) Dances that are found in English sources, but are not dances that would originate in England.  If you have any information about these dances that I have left out, please e-mail me, and I will credit you on the site.
3) Social, political, fashion, music and other aspects that affected dance of the Baroque Era Century in Europe and Colonial Era in America.
4) The (Unofficial) SCA Dancer/Musician Compendium, including forms

Nicole Salomone
Known in the SCA as Lady Jane Milford, OM - East Kingdom

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Nicole Salomone - June 6, 2010
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