New Beads.....are up..3 new auctions and 2 new specials on the sizzling specials page
Wednesday January 5, 2011
I have 3 new auctions & 2 bead specials for you tonight....take a peek...Valentine's will be here before you know it <3!!!!
Tuesday January 4, 2011
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!  I can't believe that this year in September it will be 8 years that I have been making beads!! That is just crazy to me....thank you to all of you that have been there for me through everything!  I would like to start off the New Year with a freebie giveaway....I have a nice little pile of Valentines beads here that I am going to photograph tomorrow so I will have the freebie giveaway posted for you.  Also it helps if you become my friend or a "fan" of cem lampwork on facebook (link is on this page if you scroll down a bit)!! I will post freebie giveaways on there too.  I figure it's time to start giving back to my loyal customers :)  Okkkk so I will have auctions posted tomorrow and some buy it nows here on my specials page.  I have been switching out the sets on my take out treats page (made to order page) so that you have a better variety to choose from with the upcoming holidays :).....ALSO I would like to post some mini blind beads here in the future.  I have them here at my house and just LOVE them and so many others have commented.  I make them on a 3/32" mandrel so that the strings on the mini blinds can just slide right through...just wondering if you all would be interested in those as well.
Okay I am off to relax with my little girl for a bit before bedtime!  Have a nice evening and please stop back by tomorrow!!!!
Wednesday October 20, 2010
Hi Ladies! Happy almost Halloween!!  I have 4 new auctions this evening....Santa Clause, Snow Angels Set, Mickey Christmas and Mickey Cruise Vacation!  2 more sets are also ending are pics of the new sets up on ebay CLICK HERE TO VIEW AUCTIONS:
Thanks for stopping in to view my work....I am trying to keep a steady stream of fun beads up on auction for everyone.  I would like to go back to listing here on the site some specials as well.  Ebay's fees are pretty high and would love for you gals to be able to purchase what you want! Maybe I will start offering special Friday.  At least 1 or 2 NEW small special sets will start going up at a set price on Fridays.  So yes let's plan on that for this coming Friday!  Have a wonderful rest of your evening!

Click the Treats page if you want to place an order! :0)!~Carrie

Carrie Westerdale McKinney



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