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Global Warming

Stormy weather

Floods, droughts, hurricanes and disease outbreaks -- an expert explains why climate changes give us yet another reason to find terror in the skies.

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Early signs: Reports from a warming planet
U.C. Berkeley journalists traveled the world to report on the front lines of climate change.
By Sandy Tolan, from Salon

Bjørn Lomborg feels a chill
Global warming doesn't faze the infamous author, who argues that polar bears are doing fine and Al Gore is way too hot under the collar. But can the "skeptical environmentalist" back up his rosy views?
By Kevin Berger, from Salon

Anti-science conservatives must be stopped
Americans must not allow global warming deniers to block the policies needed to avert catastrophic climate change. Our future is at stake.
By Joseph Romm, from Salon

The climate of man – 1
By Elizabeth Kolbert, The New Yorker

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