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Cup-shaped Mask

Cup-shaped masks using non-toxic, tasteless, non-allergic, non-stimulating materials. High filtration efficiency, low resistance, comfortable sealing, safe and reliable.

Duck Mouth Mask

Resistance rate is up to 98%; disposable, maintenance-free, convenient and practical stereo masks design makes conversation more convenient.

Feet Film

This kind of feet film uses soft non-woven material and socks-type waterproof design, comfortable and convenient. When using, feet film essence and feet skin paste tightly and evenly.

N95 Mask

It can be prevented droplets infection caused by patients' body fluids or blood spatters ,and it is mainly used for occupational respiratory protection.

Planar Face Mask

Planar face masks are made of three-layer polypropylene non-woven, beautiful and generous, convenient for carrying and comfortable to wear. Filtering dust rate is 95% or above.