Join the Expedition to the Heart of Mundo Guarana
Expedition to the Heart of Guarana is the name of a unique expedition to the home of Guarana deep in the Amazon jungles of Brazil in 2006.

Concieved, designed and developed for 21st century realities, we are exploring new frontiers of SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT - practicing a type of Reverse Colonialism - where through education, and the principles of FAIR TRADE, we integrate COMMERCIAL, SOCIAL and ENVIRONMENTAL innovations controlled by indigenous peoples, and add the invited input and expertise of select organizations like and its marketing, distribution and film production partners.

Our goal is to create an effective COMMUNITY BASED production and marketing centre operated by the guardians of Guarana from their Amazon home.

Join us as a participant, contributor, sponsor, commercial partner or consumer of the original and authentic Guarana!
  933 Station H, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3G 2M9