Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace

Release Date: May 19, 1999

Synopsis: (32 Years Before Episode IV) Stranded on the desert planet Tatooine after rescuing young Queen Amidala from the impending invasion of Naboo, Jedi apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Jedi Master discover nine-year-old Anakin Skywalker, a young slave unusually strong in the Force. Anakin wins a thrilling Podrace and with it his freedom as he leaves his home to be trained as a Jedi. The heroes return to Naboo where Anakin and the Queen face massive invasion forces while the two Jedi contend with a deadly foe named Darth Maul. Only then do they realize the invasion is merely the first step in a sinister scheme by the re-emergent forces of darkness known as the Sith.

Opening Crawl:

Turmoil has engulfed the
Galactic Republic. The taxation
of trade routes to outlying star
systems is in dispute.

Hoping to resolve the matter
with a blockade of deadly
battleships, the greedy Trade
Federation has stopped all
shipping to the small planet
of Naboo.

While the congress of the
Republic endlessly debates
this alarming chain of events,
the Supreme Chancellor has
secretly dispatched two Jedi
Knights, the guardians of
peace and justice in the
galaxy, to settle the conflict....

Awards: Academy Award Nominee: Best Sound Effects Editing, Best Visual Effects, Best Sound.

BAFTA Award Nominee: Best Achievement in Special Visual Effects, Best Sound

Saturn Award Winner: Best Costumes, Best Visual Effects. Saturn Award Nominee: Best Director, Best Make-Up, Best Performance by a Younger Actor, Best Performance by a Younger Actress, Best Science Fiction Film, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress.

Qui-Gon Jinn
Liam Neeson
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Ewan McGregor
Queen Amidala / Padmé
Natalie Portman
Anakin Skywalker
Jake Lloyd
Ian McDiarmid
Shmi Skywalker
Pernilla August
Sio Bibble
Oliver Ford Davies
Captain Panaka
Hugh Quarshie
Jar Jar Binks
Ahmed Best
Anthony Daniels
Kenny Baker
Frank Oz
Chancellor Valorum
Terence Stamp
Boss Nass
Brian Blessed
Andy Secombe
Darth Maul
Ray Park
Lewis MacLeod
Warwick Davis
Captain Tarpals
Steven Speirs
Nute Gunray
Silas Carson
Rune Haako
Jerome Blake
Daultay Dofine
Alan Ruscoe
Ric Olié
Ralph Brown
Fighter Pilot Bravo 5
Celia Imrie
Fighter Pilot Bravo 2
Benedict Taylor
Fighter Pilot Bravo 3
Clarence Smith
Mace Windu
Samuel L. Jackson
Palace Guard
Dominic West
Cristina da Silva
Friday (Liz) Wilson
Candice Orwell
Sofia Coppola
Keira Knightley
Republic Cruiser Captain
Bronagh Gallagher
Republic Cruiser Pilot
Silas Carson
John Fensom
Greg Proops
Scott Capurro
Jabba the Hutt
Margaret Towner
Dhruv Chanchani
Oliver Walpole
Jenna Green
Megan Udall
Eeth Koth
Hassani Shapi
Adi Gallia
Saesee Tiin
Khan Bonfils
Plo Koon
Alan Ruscoe
Yarael Poof
Michelle Taylor
Silas Carson
Even Piell
Michaela Cottrell
Oppo Rancisis
Jerome Blake
Depa Billaba
Dipika O'Neill Joti
Phil Eason
Mas Amedda
Jerome Blake
Aks Moe
Mark Coulier
Lott Dod
Silas Carson
Yoda Puppeteers
Kathy Smee
Don Austen
David Greenaway
Voice of TC-14
Lindsay Duncan
Voice of Darth Maul
Peter Serafinowicz
Voice of Rune Haako
James Taylor
Voice of Daultay Dofine
Chris Sanders
Voice of Lott Dod
Toby Longworth
Voice of Aks Moe
Marc Silk
Voice of Tey How
Director, Writer
George Lucas
Rick McCallum
Executive Producer
George Lucas
Director of Photography
David Tattersall, B.S.C.
Production Designer
Gavin Bocquet
Paul Martin Smith G.B.F.E.
Ben Burtt
Costume Designer
Trisha Biggar
Casting by
Robin Gurland
Sound Design
Ben Burtt
John Williams
Design Director
Doug Chiang
Visual Effects Supervisors
John Knoll
Dennis Muren
Scott Squires
Animation Director
Rob Coleman
Production Supervisor
David Brown
Live Action Creature Effects Supervisor
Nick Dudman
Chief Make-Up Artist
Paul Engelen
First Assistant Director
Chris Newman
Second Assistant Director
Bernard Bellew
Third Assistant Director
Ben Howarth
Stunt Coordinator / Swordmaster
Nick Gillard
Assistant Stunt Coordinator / Obi-Wan Double
Andreas Petrides
Stunt Performers
Dominic Preece
Morgan Johnson
Ray De-Haan
Stunt Performer / Qui-Gon Double
Rob Inch
Stunt Performers
Mark Newman
Joss Gower
Danni Biernat
Art Department
Supervising Art Director
Peter Russell
Art Directors
Fred Hole
John King
Rod McLean
Phil Harvey
Art Director (Tunisia)
Ben Scott
Paul Cross
Neil Morfitt
Gary Tomkins
Toad Tozer
Julie Philpott
Jane Clark Pearce
Philip Elton
Mike Bishop
Lucy Richardson
Scenic Artist
James Gemmill
UK Concept Artists
Tony Wright
Kun Chang
UK Art Department Coordinator
Laura Burrows
Junior Draftsmen
Helen Xenopoulos
Remo Tozzi
Eddie Butler
Tessa Harrison
Richard Mills
Keith Short
Richard Smith
US Concept Artists
Iain McCaig
Terryl Whitlatch
Jay Shuster
Ed Natividad
Kurt Kaufman
Marc Gabbana
Storyboard Artist
Benton Jew
Concept Sculptors
Tony Mcvey
Mark Siegel
Richard Miller
Robert Barnes
Concept Model Makers
John Goodson
John Duncan
Ellen Lee
3-D Computer Modelers
Caine Dickinson
Simon Dunsdon
US Art Department Coordinators
Jill Jurkowitz
Blake Tucker
US Art Department Assistant
Tom Barratt
UK Art Department Assistants
Christopher Challoner
Iain Mcfayden
Claire Nia Richards
Emma Tauber
Conceptual Researchers
David Craig
Jonathan Bresman
Koichi Kurisu
Pre-Visualization / Effects
Pre-Visualization / Effects Supervisor
David Dozoretz
Pre-Visualization / Effects Artists
Evan Pontoriero
Ryan Tudhope
Kevin Baillie
Jeff Wozniak
Production Manager
Jo Burn
Production Manager (Tunisia)
Peter Heslop
Unit Manager (Tunisia)
Jeremy Johns
Script Supervisor
Jayne-Ann Tenggren
Assistant to Rick McCallum (UK)
Isobel Thomas
Location Managers
Robert Jordan
Richard Sharkey
Extras Casting
Sally Millson
Casting Assistant
Kirsten Hampton
Artists' Assistants
Kate Jones
Assistants to Rick McCallum (US)
Janet Nielsen
Sophie Milton
Executive Assistant to George Lucas
Jane Bay
Secretary to George Lucas
Anne Merrifield
Production Coordinators
Lisa Parker
Hermione Ninnim
Production Coordinator (Tunisia)
Tori Parry
Production Coordinator (Italy)
Winnie Wishart
Production Coordinator (Travel)
Mel Claus
Assistant Production Coordinator
Leo Martin
Unit Nurse
Jeanie Udall
Jemma Kearney
Crowd Assistant Director
Paul Higgins
Floor Runners
Tamana Bleasdale
Nathan Holmes
Studio Runners
Melissa Leigh
Henry Forsyth
Joe Halford
Marc Wilton
Martin Brown
Production Network Engineer
Paul Matwiy
Fire Safety Officer
David Deane
Production Controller
Kathryn Farrar
Production Accountant
Michele Tandy
Set Cost Accountant
Betty Williams
Accounting Manager
Wendy Gorman
Location Accountant (Tunisia)
Dean Hood
Location Accountant (Italy)
Val Sunderland
Assistant Accountant (Tunisia)
Clare Plummer
Assistant Accountants
Rajeshree Patel
Penelope Powell
Barbara Harley
Accounts Assistant
Jean Simmons
Accounts Runner
Sarah-Jane Wheale
Assistant to Controller
Ardees Rabang Jundis
Camera / Production Sound
Camera Operator
Trevor Coop
Aerial Cameraman
Adam Dale
Helicopter Pilot
Mark Wolfe
Focus Pullers
Graham Hall
Ben Butler
Clapper / Loaders
Jason Coop
Shaun Evans
Steadicam Operator
Keith Sewell
Key Grip
Peter Myslowski
Sound Recordist
John Midgley
Boom Operator
June Prinz
Sound Assistant
Craig Burns
Location Matchmove Supervisor
Jack Haye
Edward Cotton
Video Playback
Lester Dunton
Andrew Haddock
Video Playback Assistant
Dathi Sveinbjarnarson
Effects Video Engineer
Clark Higgins
Set Decorator
Peter Walpole
Assistant Set Decorator
Amanda Bernstein
Production Buyer
Deborah Stokely
Supervising Dressing Propman
Martin Kingsley
Chargehand Dressing Propmen
Peter Watson
Keith Pitt
Dressing Propmen
Brian Aldridge
Wesley Peppiatt
Bruce Cheesman
Nick Turnbull
Peter Looby
Grant Tarbox
Terry Toohill
Paul Hearn
Matthew Foster
Property Master
Ty Teiger
Chargehand Propmaker
Oliver Hodge
Senior Propmaker
Toby Hawkes
Howard Munford
John Weller
Pierre Bohanna
Jim Barr
Sander Ellers
Lee Reeder
Jeff Knight
Prop Storeman
Jonathan Hurst
Colin Fox
Frank Howe
Supervising Stand-By Propman
Bernard Hearn
Stand-By Propman
Daniel Hearn
Assistant Costume Designer
Ann Maskrey
Wardrobe Supervisor
Sharon Long
Crowd Pre-Fit Supervisor
Sarah Jane Touaibi
Wardrobe Master
Anthony Brookman
Wardrobe Mistress
Lou Durkin
Wardrobe Assistants
Helen Mattocks
Neil Murphy
Natalie Rodgers
Costume Painters
John Cowell
Steven Gell
Textile Assistants
Martin Mcshane
Emma Walker
Costume Props Assistants
Reuben Hart
Peter Thompson
Costume Accessories
Karen Shannon
Emma Fryer
Costume Runners
Karn Webster
Amber Smit
Costume Workroom Supervisor
Nicole Young
Costume Assistant
Michael Mooney
Kay Coveney
Sharon McCormack
Debbie Marchant
Costume Props Modeler
Ivo Coveney
Workroom Assistants
Anne Matheson
Marnie Ormiston
Arabella Dean
Roslyn Tiddy
Angela Creasor
Julie Nethercoat
Rachel Turner
Ruth Matheson
Andrea Moon
Caroline Mirfin
Rosaria Coppola
Armor Makers
Set Construction
Construction Manager
David Bubb
Assistant Construction Manager
Leon Apsey
Chief Scaffolding Engineer
Steve Sansom
H.O.D. Carpenter
Robert Sutton
H.O.D. Plasterer
Ken Barley
Chargehand Riggers
Peter Connolly
John Harris
Paul Mills
Bill Sansom
H.O.D. Painter
John Davey
H.O.D. Stagehand
Keith Muir
Supervising Carpenters
Karl Apsey
Brian Blues
Supervising Plasterer
Michael Gardiner
Supervising Painter
Paul Whitelock
Supervising Scenic Painter
Michael Guyett
Supervising Wood Machinist
Stephen Weston
Chargehand Carpenters
Wayne Day
Jim Kerr
John Kirsop
Simon Marjoram
Tom McCarthy
Chargehand Painter
David Carter
Wolfgang Walther
Chargehand Plasterers
Ettore Venturini
Steve Court
Patrick Laho
Chargehand Paint Sprayer
Stan Lattimore
Stand-By Carpenter
Jason Phelps
Stand-By Rigger
Jason Curtis
Stand-By Painter
Kevin McCarthy
Stand-By Stagehand
James Muir
Construction Secretaries
Charlotte Biggs
Sarah Bubb
Michelle Hudd
Construction Nurses
Nicky Jarvis
Marcia Bamgboye
Thanks to all the UK Construction Crew
Live Action Creature Effects
Creature Effects Coordinator
Lyn Nicholson
Animatronic Model Design Supervisor
Chris Barton
Key Sculptor
Gary Pollard
Creature Mold Shop Supervisor
Ray Tricker
Key Animatronic Model Designers
Monique Brown
Mark Coulier
Michelle Taylor
Animatronic Model Designers
Malcolm Evans
John Coppinger
Shirley Cooper
Maria Boggi
Kate Murray
Terry Jones
Steve Wright
Tamzine Hanks
Animatronic Model Designers
Jenny Phelps
Julie Wright
Key Animatronic Mold Design
Jonathan Abbas-Klahr
Molding Technician
Matthew Smith
Paul Spateri
Kate Hill
Howard Swindell
Shaune Harrison
Creatures Mold Filler
Darren Robinson
Art Finisher
Astrig Akseralian
Supervising Plasterer
Ken Clarke
Chargehand Plasterer
Val Vasic
Ray Staples
Creatures Production Assistant
Louisa Rawlins
Make-up / Hair Department
Make-Up Artists
Meg Speirs
Melissa Lackersteen
Make-Up Artist to Liam Neeson
Morag Ross
Make-Up Supplies by
Wigs by
Wig Specialities
Chief Hairdresser
Sue Love
Sarah Love
Darlene Forrester
Hairdresser to Liam Neeson
Jan Archibald
Assistant Hairdresser
Helen Taylor
Eddie Knight
Best Boy
Stewart Monteith
Gary Colkett
Vernon Connolly
Adam Lee
Mark Thomas
George White
Generator Operators
Tim Wiley
Stuart Hurst
Electrical Storeman
Colin Coughlin
Rigging Gaffer
Mark Evans
Rigging Electricians
Keith Kirkum
Larry Meehan
Roy Rowlands
Jack White
Electrical Riggers
Simon Dutton
Garry Ridgewell
Practical Electricians
John Barry
Ronald Lyons
Mickey O'Connell
First Assistant Editor
Marypat Plottner
Avid Assistant
Joseph Jett Sally
Visual Effects Editorial Coordinator
Paul Cichocki
Assistant Film Editors
Aura Gilge
David Suther
UK Assistant Editors
Julian Pryce
Jamie Martin
Post Production Assistant
Kerry Bailey
Color Timer
Jim Passon
Negative Cutter
Gary Burritt
Post Production Supervisors
Michael Blanchard
Jamie Forester
A Division of Lucas Digital Ltd. Marin County, California
Visual Effects Executive Producer
Chrissie England
Visual Effects Producers
Ned Gorman
Jeff Olson
Heather Smith
Ginger Theisen
Judith Weaver
Digital Modeling Supervisor
Geoff Campbell
Viewpaint Supervisor
Jean Bolte
Creature Developer Supervisor
TIM Mclaughlin
Lead Animators
Linda Bel
Peter Daulton
Lou Dellarosa
Miguel Fuertes
Hal Hickel
Paul Kavanagh
Kim Thompson
Marjolaine Tremblay
Visual Effects Production Designer
Doug Chiang
Lead ComputerGraphics Supervisor
Kevin Rafferty
Associate Visual Effects Supervisor
Barry Armour
Visual Effects Art Director
David Nakabayashi
Ground Battle Animation Supervisor
Tom Bertino
Technical Animation Supervisor
James Tooley
Additional Visual Effects Supervision
Scott Farrar
Computer Graphics Supervisors
Jon Alexander
Tim Alexander
Christophe Hery
Tom Hutchinson
Euan Macdonald
Greg Maloney
Patrick T. Myers
Doug Smythe
Habib Zargarpour
Sequence Supervisors and Development Leads
Kevin Barnhill
Samir Hoon
Stuart Maschwitz
Steve Molin
Douglas Sutton
Michael Di Como
Dorne Huebler
Terrence Masson
Hiromi Ono
Chad Taylor
Howard Gersh
Michael Ludlam
David Meny
Amanda Ronai-Dahle
Christopher Townsend
Dan Goldman
Robert Marinic
Curt Miyashiro
Sean Schur
Christopher White
Digital Effects Artists
Shadi Almassizadeh
Michael Conte
Christina Hills
Michael Min
Douglas J. Smith
Will Anielewicz
Caitlin Content
David Hisanaga
Daryl Munton
Brian Sorbo
Joakim Arnesson
Vincent De Quattro
David Horsley
Julie Neary
Christa Starr
Okan Ataman
David Deuber
Christopher Horvath
Patrick Neary
David Stephens
Al Bailey
Jeff Doran
Peg Hunter
Kenneth Nielsen
Chris Stillman
Michael Baltazar
Russell Earl
Polly Ing
Khatsho Orfali
John Stillman
Eran Barnea
Eric Enderton
Erich Ippen
David Parrish
Russ Sueyoshi
Maurice Bastian
Jeff Ertl
Sandra Karpman
Edward Pasquarello
Catherine Tate
Kathleen Beeler
Gonzalo Escudero
Louis Katz
Mary Payne
Tim Teramoto
Jeffrey Benedict
Leandro Estebecorena
Steve Kennedy
Ellen Poon
Eric Texier
Leila Ben-Joseph
Tom Fejes
Russell Koonce
Scott Prior
Marc Toscano
Aron Bonar
Dean Foster
Mitch Kopelman
Ricardo Ramos
Alex Tropiec
Matthew Bouchard
Christian Foucher
Ed Kramer
Philippe Rebours
Hans Uhlig
Stella Bogh
David Fuhrer
Brian La France
Kevin Reuter
Eric Voegels
Gregory Brauer
Todd Fulford
Jeroen Lapre
Max Rocchetti
John Walker
Patrick Brennan
Jennifer German
Mohen Leo
Alan Rosenfeld
Andy Wang
Billy Brooks
Jeremy Goldman
Joshua Levine
Tom Rosseter
Robert Weaver
Cathy Burrow
John K. Goodman
Lyndon Li
Jonathan Rothbart
Susan Weeks
Don Butler
Adrian Graham
Alex Lindsay
Barry Safley
David Weitzberg
Mario Capellari
Matthieu Grospiron
Craig Lyn
Frederic Schmidt
Colie Wertz
Tamala Carter
Andrew Hardaway
Simon Maddocks
Durant Schoon
Ken Wesley
Ian Christie
Pablo Helman
Tia Marshall
Dan Shumaker
Melva Young
Paul Churchill
John Helms
Kevin May
Dean Yurke
Brian Conlon
Neil Herzinger
Jennifer Mcknew
Paul Sharpe
Ken Ziegler
Patrick Conran
Kela Hicks
Kerry Miller
Linda Siegel
Rita Zimmerman
Character Animators
Philip Alexy
Andrew Doucette
Steve Lee
Jacques Muller
Magali Rigaudias
Chris Armstrong
Andrew Grant
Martin L'heureux
Julie Nelson
Trish Schutz
Patrick Bonneau
Paul Griffin
Victoria Livingstone
Steve Nichols
Tom St. Amand
Susan Campbell
Kent Hammerstrom
Kevin Martel
Dana O'Connor
Glenn Sylvester
Marc Chu
Tim Harrington
Glen Mcintosh
Rick O'connor
Si Tran
Chi Chung Tse
Jason Ivimey
Neil Michka
David Parsons
Scott Wirtz
Kyle Clark
Shawn Kelly
Christopher Minos
Steve Rawlins
Andy Wong
Bruce Dahl
Ken King
Christopher Mitchell
Jay Rennie
William R. Wright
Digital Model Development and Construction Artists
Stephen Aplin
Ken Bryan
Paul Giacoppo
Sunny Li-Hsien Wei
David Saccheri
Donna Beard
Andrew Cawrse
Derek Gillingham
Alyson Markell
Tony Sommers
Dugan Beach
Simon Cheung
Rebecca Heskes
Russell Paul
Howie Weed
Scott Bonnenfant
Catherine Craig
Jean-Claude Langer
Aaron Pfau
Ron Woodall
Robert Bruce
Aaron Ferguson
Lenny Lee
Corey Rosen
Elbert Yen
Digital Matte Artists
Ronn Brown
Caroleen Green
Paul Huston
Rick Rische
Yusei Uesugi
Brian Flora
Jonathan Harb
Bill Mather
Mark Sullivan
Wei Zheng
Rotoscope / Paint Supervisors
Susan Kelly-Andrews
Jack Mongovan
Lead Visual Effects Coordinator
Lisa Todd
Visual Effects Production Accountant
Joshua Marks
Kenn Moynihan
Motion Capture Supervisor
Jeff Light
Digital Color Timing Supervisors
Bruce Vecchitto
Kenneth Smith
3D Matchmove Supervisors
Keith Johnson
David Washburn
Research & Development Supervisor
Christian Rouet
Additional Matte Paintings
Bill George
Visual Effects Editors
Scott Balcerek
David Tanaka
Greg Hyman
John Bartle
Visual Effects Coordinators
Alexandra Altrocchi
Michaela Calanchini
Monique Gougeon
Amanda Montgomery
Penny Runge
Lori Arnold
David Dranitzke
David Gray
Luke O'byrne
Robin Saxen
Liz Brown
Vicki Engel
Susan Greenhow
Christine Owens
David Valentin
Digital Rotoscope / Paint Artists
Trang Bach
Beth D'amato
Susan Goldsmith
Katie Morris
Zachary Sherman
Katharine Baird
Scott David
Cam Griffin
Aaron Muszalski
David Sullivan
Lance Baetkey
Kate Elsen
Jiri Jacknowitz
Andrew Nelson
James Valentine
Chris Bayz
Kelly Fischer
Patrick Jarvis
Elsa Rodriguez
Mike Van Eps
Rene Binkowski
Dawn Gates
Regan McGee
Joe Salazar
Erin West
3D Matchmove Artists
Alia Agha
David Hanks
David Manos Morris
Dani Morrow
Talmage Watson
Jim Hagedorn
Luke Longin
Joseph Metten
Melissa Mullin
R.D. Wegener
Motion Capture Group
Alexandre Frazao
Douglas Griffin
Ann McColgan
Seth Rosenthal
Michael Sanders
Visual Effects Storyboard / Conceptual Artists
Brice Cox Jr.
Warren Fu
Jules Mann
Noel Rubin
Film Scanning and Recording
Randall Bean
Michael Cordova
Tim Geideman
Doug Jones
Josh Pines
Earl Beyer
Michael Ellis
Lydia Greenfield
James Lim
Stephanie Taubert
Andrea Biklian
George Gambetta
Nancy Jencks
Todd Mitchell
Alan Travis
Visual Effects Editorial Staff
Nic Anastassiou
Edwin Dunkley
Dawn Martin
Jim Milton
Ellen Schade
Carey Burens
Natalee Djokovic
Ian Mccamey
Mike Morgan
Anthony Pitone
Software Development
John Anderson
Tommy Burnette
Zoran Kacic-Alesic
Nicolas Popravka
Vincent Toscano
David Benson
John Horn
Florian Kainz
Vishwa Ranjan
Alan Trombla
Rod Bogart
Jim Hourihan
Cary Phillips
Eric Schafer
Jeffery Yost
Visual Effects Production and Technical Support
Noel Brevick
Brian Gee
Bill Grinder
Jennifer Nona
Marc Sadeghi
Sean Casey
Kathy Gardner
Sean Hoessli
Marisa Pearl
Leslie Safley
Mei Ming Casino
Diana Gazdik
John Levin
David Owen
Damian Steel
Fay David
Sam Granat
Kimberly Lashbrook
Don Rottiers
Bill Tlusty
Tom Firestone
Kaleem Karman
Jonathan Litt
Masayori Oka
Anthony Shafer
Douglas Applewhite
Brian Kasper
Daniel Lobl
Kim Orla- Bukowski
Marc Wilhite
Cedrick Chan
Todd Krish
Dana Masino
Mike Peters
Carrie Wolberg
Digital Operations and Technology Group
Brian Brecht
Gail Currey
Shannon Henry
Nancy Luckoff
Cliff Plumer
Endla Burrows
Vicki Dobbs Beck
Jay Johnson
Ken Maruyama
Beth Sasseen
Kipp Aldrich
Russell Darling
Mary Hinman
Raleigh Mann
Gary Meyer
Ken Beyer
Greg Dunn
Jeff King
Garrick Meeker
Fred Meyers
Stewart Birnam
Scott Grenier
Dan Lee
Will Melick
Joe Takai
Special Effects: Miniature Construction and Photography Unit
Model Supervisor
Steve Gawley
Chief Model Makers
William Beck
Barbara Affonso
Brian Gernand
Keith London
Lorne Peterson
Steve Walton
Charlie Bailey
Giovanni Donovan
Ira Keeler
Michael Lynch
Model Makers
Lauren Abrams
Nick DiAbo
Aaron Haye
Rodney Morgan
Larry Tan
Carl Assmus
Fon Davis
Grant Imahara
Wendy Morton
Trevor Tuttle
Carol Bauman
Brian Dewe
Erik Jensen
Dave Murphy
Lauren Vogt
Salvatore Belleci
Robert Edwards
Michael Jobe
Randy Ottenberg
Danny Wagner
Don Bies
Mark Fiorenza
Kelly Lepkowski
Alan Peterson
Mark Walas
Nick Blake
David Fogler
Victoria Lewis
Tony Preciado
Melanie Walas
Nick Bogle
Jon Foreman
Todd Lookinland
Tom Proost
Kevin Wallace
Jeff Brewer
Chris Goehe
Alan Lynch
R. Kim Smith
Chuck Wiley
Phil Brotherton
Jon Guidinger
Scott McNamara
Michael Steffe
Julie Woodbridge
Mark Buck
Peggy Hrastar
Amy Miller
Eben Stromquist
Eran Yachdav
Effects Directors of Photography
Marty Rosenberg
Patrick Sweeney
Pat Turner
Ray Gilberti
Camera Operators
Carl Miller
Vance Piper
Assistant Camera Operators
Bob Hill
John Gazdik
Michael Bienstock
Michael Olague
Tim Morgan
Key Grips
Bill Barr
Bernie Demolski
Chief Costumer
Annie Polland
Camera Engineering
Greg Beaumonte
Mike Mackenzie
Duncan Sutherland
Stage Coordinator
Megan Carlson
Grip and Electric Crew
Joe Allen
Ron Diggory
Danny Michalske
Chuck Ray
Dave Watson
Tom Cloutier
Dennis Gehringer
Craig Mohagen
John Siler
Special Effects Pyrotechnics Crew
Special Effects Supervisor
Geoff Heron
Special Effects Best Boy
Robbie Clot
Special Effects Technician
Dave Heron
Data Capture System Supplied by Arri Media, Munich
Visual Effects Processing & Prints by Monaco Laboratories, San Francisco
Visual Effects Crew Fueled by Michael Smith of Java the Hutt
A Division of Lucas Digital Ltd. Marin County, California
Foley / Automated Dialogue Replacement
Re-Recording Mixers
Gary Rydstrom
Tom Johnson
Shawn Murphy
ADR Recordist
Matthew Wood
ADR Recorded at
Compass Point Studios,
Nassau, Bahamas
Supervising Sound Editors
Ben Burtt
Tom Bellfort
Matthew Wood
Sound Effects Editors
Teresa Eckton
Chris Scarabosio
Dialogue / ADR Editors
Sara Bolder
Gwendolyn Yates Whittle
Foley Mixer
Tony Eckert
Foley Recordist
Frank 'Pepe' Merel
Foley Artists
Dennie Thorpe
Jana Vance
Ronald G. Roumas
Mix Technicians
Tony Sereno
Jurgen Scharpf
Kent Sparling
Machine Room Operators
Brandon Proctor
Stephen Romanko
Jennifer Barin
Foley Editors
Bruce Lacey
Marian Wilde
Assistant Sound Editors
Kevin Sellers
Steve Slanec
Assistant Dialogue / ADR Editor
Jessica Bellfort
Digital Audio Transfer Supervisor
Jonathan Greber
Digital Audio Transfer
Dee Selby
Christopher Barron
Video Services
Christian Von Burkleo
John Torrijos
Scott Brewer
Music Editor
Ken Wannberg
Assistant Music Editor
Peter Myles
John Neufeld
Conrad Pope
Music Recorded at
Abbey Road Studios
Scoring Engineer
Shawn Murphy
Scoring Assistants
Jonathan Allen
Andrew Dudman
Music Preparation
Dakota Music Service
Jo Ann Kane Music Service
Music Performed by
London Symphony Orchestra
Orchestra Leader
Gordan Nikolitch
London Voices
New London Children's Choir
Chorus Directors
Terry Edwards
Ronald Corp
Director of Publicity
Lynne Hale
Unit Publicist
Kate Campbell
Chief Stills Photographer
Keith Hamshere
Stills Photographers
Giles Keyte
Jonathan Fisher
Photography Assistant
Derek Boyes
Stills Processing by
Pinewood Studios
Documentary Cinematographer
Jonathan Shenk
Documentary Sound Recordists
Mark Becker
Guy Hake
Image Archivist
Tina Mills
Jo Donaldson
Cheryl Edwards
Jenny Craik
Second Unit
Second Unit Director
Roger Christian
Director of Photography
Giles Nuttgens
First Assistant Director
Nick Heckstall-Smith
Second Assistant Director
George Walker
Third Assistant Director
Janet Nielsen
Script Supervisor
Lisa Vick
Focus Puller
Steven Hall
Clapper / Loaders
Edward Meredydd Jones
Ian Coffey
Mark Binnall
Wardrobe Assistants
Day Murch
Jane Petrie
Nigel Egerton
Art Director
Ricky Eyres
David Smith
Chargehand Stand-By Propman
Paul Turner
Stand-By Propman
Robert Thorne
Stand-By Carpenter
Paul Nott-Macaire
Stand-By Rigger
Steve Sansom Jr
Make-Up Artist
Trefor Proud
Hilary Haines
Catrin Meredydd
Video Playback
Lucien Nunes Vaz
Best Boy
Dave Ridout
Sonny Burdis
Richard Oxley
Stand-In for Liam Neeson
Gavin Hale
Stand-In for Ewan McGregor
Steve Ricard
Stand-In for Natalie Portman
Joan Field
Stand-In for Jake Lloyd
Raymond Griffiths
Utility Stand-Ins
Paul Kite
Christian Simpson
Special Effects Supervisor
Peter Hutchinson
Senior Special Effects Technicians
Terry Glass
Digby Bettison-Milner
Anthony Phelan
Les Wheeler
Andy Bunce
Special Effects Coordinator
Brenda Hutchinson
R2-D2 Operator
Jolyon Bambridge
Special Effects Technicians
Jim Crockett
Stephen Hutchinson
Barry Angus
Mark Howard
Sean Mcconville
Graham Riddell
Tunisia Shoot
Production Services Provided by CTV Services, Tunis, Tunisia
Production Supervisor
Abdelaziz Ben Mlouka
Unit Managers
Meimoun Mahbouli
Philippa Day
Production Coordinator
Amel Becharnia
Location Manager
Moslah Kraiem
Transport Manager
Lassaad Mejri
Production Accountant
Abdallah Balouche
Art Director
Taieb Jallouli
First Assistant Director
Moez Kamoun
Prop Master / Buyer
Mohamed Bargaoui
Hassen Tebbi
Lotfi Siala
Make-Up Assistant
Hager Bouhaouala
Wardrobe Supervisor
Naama Jazi Mejri
Italy Shoot
Production Services Provided by Mestiere Cinema, Venice, Italy

Production Supervisor
Guido Cerasuolo
Unit Manager
Enrico Ballarin
Production Coordinator
Laura Cappato
Production Assistant
Nicola Rosada
First Assistant Director
David Turchi
Second Assistant Director
Dario Cioni
Third Assistant Director
Andrea Boni
Location Manager
Franco Rapa
Location Assistant
Ugo Criscuolo
Art Director
Livia Borgononi
Transport Captain
Fabio Mancini
Carla Zacchia
Marilena La Ferrara
Claudia Bravin
Transport Captain
Phil Allchin
Unit Drivers
George Andrews
Nigel Birtchnell
Garry Clark
Peter Collins
Mark Davies
Brian Esterbrook
Peter Graovac
John Hollywood
Chris Streeter
Steve Timms
Catering by
Hollywood Catering Services
Catering Manager
Tim De'ath
Artists' Chef
Mark Reynolds
Craft Service
Sophie Mellor

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