Lillestrøm upset Mallorca with transfer U-turn

Lillestrøm upset Mallorca with transfer U-turn

01/02/2011  |  Transfers

The proposed transfer of Nigerian striker Anthony Ujah from Lillestrøm to Real Mallorca for £1m has fallen through after the Norwegian side attempted to ‘blackmail’ Los Bermellones for more money, Spanish journalist Tomeu Maura revealed.

The striker arrived in Palma de Mallorca this morning to arrange a transfer after the two clubs agreed a £1m transfer fee. Soon after, Ujah agreed personal terms. But with Mallorca still being in administration, they required the approval of the administrators to make the transfer. This duly came late in the day.

And then, with minutes of the transfer window left to spare and all parties happy, Lillestrøm demanded more money for Ujah in a clear attempt to force more money out of the Spanish side. An appalling piece of behaviour and one which forced Serra Ferrer into a corner.

Even if Mallorca wanted to pay more money, they would need approval from the club administrators which wouldn’t have been received before the midnight deadline which was just minutes away. And it also gave no time for Serra Ferrer to arrange deals for Iván Alonso or Henok Goitom.

Serra Ferrer said at a news conference that he had never seen anything like it in 35 years as a professional. Meanwhile, Lillestrøm played it a bit more casual by stating on their website that the two parties ‘failed to agree terms’ and, in the end, it was decided a transfer was not best for Ujah at this time.

Media reports from Norway suggest that both Lillestrøm and Ujah are ‘happy’ the deal fell through after the player started to have second thoughts. This will not sit well with the Spaniards, however, who will be cynical of the fact the club only wanted more money five minutes before the close of the window, and would’ve happily sold him if Mallorca agreed to pay that price.

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