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"Transformers Prime" Season Two Confirmed

By Ed Liu
02-04-2011, 10:06 AM

In a private screening of the Transformers: Prime season premiere, Hub network representatives confirmed that a second season of Transformers: Prime is underway. The season is currently set for another 26 episodes to follow the first 26 episodes of season 1. New episodes of Transformers: Prime are set to premiere on February 11, 2011. Check out the Hubworld website for more details.

Stay tuned for our coverage of the Transformers: Prime screening event, plus the Q&A session with Transformers: Prime Executive Producer Bob Orci; Producer Jeff Kline; The Hub Vice President of Development Mike Vogel; and The Hub creative executive Scott Pennington, plus our interview with Jeff Kline.

Discuss this news in Huburbia The Hub Animation Forum.

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