"Software Engineering Advancement Initiative"
"Initiative pour l'avancement du Génie Logiciel"

What We Strive To Become For Software Engineers

A place, a resource you come to when you want to further your knowledge of anything and everything software engineering. We are not here to define software engineering or draw the fine line between software engineering and computer science. We are here acting as a catalyst for the software engineering community and to help software engineers better themselves and become more passionate.

Our Initiatives

CUSEC   RSS Feed, Newsletter
The premier conference for software engineering students in Canada - CUSEC (Canadian University Software Engineering Conferece) gives the opportunity for passionate students to meet yearly with their peers and learn from some of the best software engineers in the world. (SOENAI grew out of CUSEC)
"You will learn more at CUSEC in 3 days than your entire 1st year of university." -Michel Parisien, Concordia University
SOENlive   RSS Feed
CUSEC presentations now have a home on the internet. Since the inception of CUSEC we have wanted to find a way to get the presentations given by the world class software engineers that present at CUSEC to everyone. Now we have found a way! Stay tuned to SOENlive.
SOENinfo   RSS Feed
Staying up to date with all the great software engineering information out there is a job in itself... or is it? Join your peers over at SOENinfo and keep up to date with everything software engineering. And don't forget to add your own posts to share SE related information with the community.