Instant Runoff Voting in NC

  1. When NC Court of Appeals Judge James Wynn resigned to accept a position as a federal appeals court judge in August 2010, the wheels were set in motion for the first statewide Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) election in NC history. Because Wynn’s departure occurred so close to the general election, there was no time to schedule a primary election in the race to fill his seat. Current NC law requires election officials to use IRV in precisely this sort of situation. IRV was used to conduct the election and fill the vacancy on the Court of Appeals.

    Click below to read more about the Court of Appeals race and the historic implementation of IRV.

  2. In addition to participating in the historic statewide Court of Appeals election, voters in Buncombe, Cumberland and Rowan Counties used Instant Runoff Voting to elect Superior Court judges in November 2010. The races each featured three candidates competing for one seat. Click the link below to read more about the Superior Court elections.

  3. North Carolina cities can participate in an Instant Runoff Voting pilot program designed by the State Board of Elections. Read more about the cities that have tried it so far and their programs by clicking the link below.